Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day weekend to all daddies. But especially to this one.


Thank you for everything you do for them—for us—and for me. I love and appreciate that you put yourself second.

Thank you for being silly, for playing with them, for listening to every story, every fear, every joy, and every hurt. For answering every million questions. Thank you for every bedtime story and devotional. Thank you for teaching responsibility and modeling grace and patience.

I am so thankful you are the one teaching our boys to become men.

We love you the most!

-e, s, w

Momma & The Boys

Last weekend my mom graduated with her MBA. She’s been working tirelessly on earning her graduate degree for the last two years, and so the boys and I went down to Tyler to celebrate with her… we are so proud of her!

We enjoyed the sunny weather (for the most part) and got to swim a bit, too, which was very exciting for Shepherd. I didn’t take a ton of photos outside of graduation, but I thought I’d share a few in honor of my mom on Mother’s Day weekend and her graduation. We love you, Momma!


Under The Weather (But At Least The Weather’s Nice)

Part 1: The Ugly

We’re in a week-long battle vs. illness at the Nix household. It’s been pretty all-consuming—Aaron and both boys have felt crummy all week. Shepherd days of preschool. Wilder has a stomach bug, a fever, and pink eye, and the poor guy hasn’t had much other than electrolyte replacement to eat and drink all week. Aaron’s feeling crummy, too. And I’m just tired. Continue reading