August 26

I’m at the Daily Nebraskan, or DN, right now, waiting to add my headlines to the copy for tomorrow’s newspaper. It’s been an early night so far; hopefully, I’ll get to bed at a decent hour tonight.

but none tonight. I went to the Dairy Store (in the City Campus Union) and got Capuccino Chocolate Chip ice cream instead. It was great.


Aug. 23

Settling in to the new apartment is going well. Tonight my roommates and I are going to bread&cup. I haven’t been there since last fall and am excited. Our apartment is still a box museum; in the living room alone I see about 15 boxes, including a tea kettle box, a toilet paper box (industrial 60 pack-yes), a California Oranges box, and assorted Office Depot boxes taken from the trash at Varner. We’re so excited to be here (at least I am- I am going to assume the feeling is mutual). Welcome, welcome fall semester!

Aug. 20

Emily Anderson is a 20-year old who consistently oversleeps gets grumpy past 11:00 p.m. Anderson, a junior journalism and English major, would like to dabble in religious studies but doesn’t think her parents would approve, and because she depends on their approval, she is somewhat contented to stay where she is. 

Anderson lives indoors, but would prefer to be back on a frozen lake in Minnesota where she built an igloo-tarp-dome from packed snow and tree branches. Because she slept through the night in doubled-up sleeping backs in an ice field, Anderson believes she is capable most things, and is prideful-and perhaps foolish- enough to speak her mind. 

She loves Flannery O’Connor as much as she loves the Reformation and tea as much as lemonade, gets frustrated by the evangelicals of her youth and likes tilt-a-whirls. She loves her cats and dog, misses her parents when she doesn’t see them for months at a time, and argues just so her boyfriend will keep talking-just for a little longer.

She collects water bottles, thermoses, coffee cups and backpacks. To make her happy just give her a G2-07 pen or pick her a flower. She really likes magnolia blossoms.

"talking about music is like dancing about architecture"

“I don’t believe in Christian art or music. The word Christian was originally a noun. A person, not an adjective. I believe in great art. If you are an artist, your job is to do great art and you don’t need to tack on the word Christian. It’s already great. God is the God of Creativity. Categories desecrate the art form. It’s either great art or it isn’t. Followers of Jesus should have the first word instead of coming late to the game with some poor quality spin-off. Let’s talk about things before everyone else.”
That quote is one of my favorites. That’s all.

I got to see an old teacher today. It was the highlight of my trip home–
Monday’s the day for flying back to the midwest, seeing My Morning Jacket, driving in the middle of the night and beginning semester five in Lincoln. I’m excited for what I’m going to learn this semester.


Love is patient.

I’ve had that one rolling in my head for a few hours this morning.

My uncle had brain surgery last night. The frozen sections of the tumor removed are all benign, and the surgeons believe they have the entire tumor removed. No cancer. 
And to think…it all started with a ride on a kneeboard.