A Cry For Help

…maybe the title is a little dramatic, but I’m trying to figure out where the screenshots I take on my mac are saved. Help?



I’ve gotten in this habit of creating extraordinary lists to keep track of tasks and losing them. My solution:

Lots of little notebooks to tack reminders, labels, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and assignments to. I’ve always loved the simple notebooks, but my planner has become a decoupage of my life’s activities. I love it. I especially love, in my planner, the lined right-hand page, which makes tedium seem more bearable because I have room to write down exact directions.
Secondly, I purchased one of the books from an earlier post. I am excited for the recommendations! I’m going to start with Gladwell’s Outliers and progress down the list. Thank you, friends, for your suggestions. 
Early morning posts are fun. Promise I’ll put something more thoughtful up later, but for now, I wish you readers a great *warm* day. 

"…be our guest"

Growing up, my family said two common dinner prayers each time we sat down for supper- “Come, Lord Jesus” and “God is great.” I find great comfort in the “Come, Lord Jesus” even today, and I often find myself reciting those three lines away from meal time. 

Today, my roommates and I sat down and for three hours shared our lives, love, fear and hopes with each other. It was definitely a “come, Lord Jesus” moment, and I want you girls to know how much I love each of you. 
Yesterday Aaron and I went to my grandparent’s home in Northeast Nebraska; along the way we stopped in towns that remind Aaron of his childhood or his family. That trip, too, was a reminder to stop, pause, thank and invite.
I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but here’s my prayer for the day: Come, Lord Jesus. Be our guest. Let these gifts to us be blessed. Amen. 

New year!

Happy New Year, all! I decided today would be a good time to post a goal of mine for 2009- I fully intend to read more. I want to take 5 books at a time and go through them. Any suggestions?

Here are a few of my thoughts:
1. The Audacity of Hope- Barack Obama 
(This is required reading for one of my classes, but I think it will be interesting any way)
2. Taste- Letita Baldredge
(Looks interesting enough)
3. Outliers- Malcom Gladwell
(I really liked his previous books)
So, for now, spots 4 and 5 are open to suggestion. I have a few books in mind, but I would rather hear what my friends are reading and have enjoyed. Please, suggest away! I’ll post in the next few days with the final two choices. Also, I would love to utilize the student fees I pay at the library, so your suggestion may get double credit if I can find it in Love Library. Save money, support the library- hey, it makes sense 🙂 
Enjoy this Thursday!