I just finished looking on the Leon County (Tallahassee) Humane Society’s web site. Every time I check the adoption lists, I can’t help but want to rescue one of the kitties or frogs featured. Something in my heart finds it very wrong to allow an animal to be killed just because it’s not a baby. I know that’s not what always happens, but it does happen, and it makes me sad.¬†

I love my pets, but many of my friends would probably be surprised to know that this is something I really care about. I’m not a person who makes funny noises every time I see a dog or cat. [You know who you are ūüôā ] Still, I think shelter pets are something anyone who’s considering a new family member should consider… The chances that these little ones (and elderly ones, too) get homes are pretty slim the moment they arrive a shelter.¬†
I hope I can convince A. to adopt a shelter pet when it’s time.¬†
{Jillian and Thatcher. Thatch Match is one of our two kitties adopted from the Smith County Humane Society}

Countdown to the busiest summer ever.

In T-…

1 day: Final paper for Media Planning due
2 days: Linguafolio for Spanish due
5 days: Aaron’s banquet/Nebby’s
9 days: Spanish final (my only final.!!!!)
May 9-Aaron graduates with a B.F.A. (emphasis in Film and New Media)!
May 14-Twin cousins Clint and Craig high school graduation
May 17- Go home for one week
May 24- Fly w/ Nixes to Destin, Fl. for a week of relaxation
May 31- Fly to Penn State for copy editing intensive
June 12- Drive from Penn State to Hyannis, Mass., to prepare for internship
June 14- Begin copy editing internship at Cape Cod Times
June 21- I turn 21!
July 11- Mom, Dad and Jillian visit the Cape and Boston
Middle of August- End internship, drive from Massachusetts to Tallahassee, Fl., where I get to see my fiance for a couple of days before
August 20- go home for weekend and drive back to Lincoln
August 24- classes begin at UNL!
WHEW. That’s my summer in a nutshell. Or list. Whichev.

bath time

In December, I spent a gift card on this stuff. Best $16 ever spent. It smells like heaven…if heaven smells like margaritas and almond oil. I feel like I’m in Mexico on some wave-smashed beach every time I use it. I’m not generally a “bath” girl, but this stuff rocks my world. I’m not going to lie, it smells so good that I have tasted it to see if it is as delicious as it smells. Don’t try it.

wednesday night switch-up

  1. Shiver- Coldplay
  2. Bitter Song- Butterfly Boucher
  3. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill-Lauryn Hill
  4. Everybody Clap-Dispatch
  5. Live it Up- John Legend
  6. Tell Him- The Exciters
  7. Here Comes My Girl- Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
  8. Wait- Death Cab for Cutie
  9. Bryan Adams- Summer of ’69
  10. Red- Okkervil River
  11. No Other One- Weezer
  12. Decatur, or, A Round of Applause for your Stepmother- Sufjan Stevens
  13. The Hardest Part- Coldplay
  14. When Will They Come?- My Morning Jacket
  15. God-fearing Man- Ben Harper
So what do my 15 random samples of my iTunes library say about me? 
  1. That I will like your music if you are a white male and play one instrument very well. Additionally, you are ridiculously good looking. 
  2. This is a song my sister added to a mixed CD she gave me. My iTunes is really heavily male-dominated.
  3. Except that Lauryn Hill is a BA.
  4. A lot of my music sounds the same.
  5. That I will like your music if you are a black male and play one instrument very well. Additionally, you are probably  ridiculously good looking.
  6. Music of past generations is a treasure trove.
  7. Tom Petty is one crazy man, but my dad and I used to listen to him a lot. We’d drive around town in his truck, and he’d give me “Fire”-flavored Jolly Ranchers. In “You don’t know how it feels,” TP plays the harmonica, and my dad dabbled in harmonica, so it always brings a smile to my face.
  8. Again with the male singer/songwriter hipster trend. Can’t help it.
  9. An older version of #8. “Summer of ’69” is so good.
  10. Repeat #8. 
  11. Just recently had a discussion about Weezer. And why they sold out. And how I still like them despite it.
  12. I think if I was Sufjan Steven’s stepmother, I’d be a very, very happy woman. Don’t judge.
  13. I really don’t have that much Coldplay, and I’m surprised it came up twice.
  14. MMJ live in KC was a great way to begin the school year. “Evil Urges” is one of my favorite albums of 2008.
  15. “Beloved One” is the first Ben Harper song that I remember thinking “this is a moving song.”

saving dates

Eight months from today I will have celebrated one day as Emily Anderson Nix. I can’t tell you how happy I am that we’re making progress on wedding plans. In the month I haven’t blogged, planning has gone from absolutely nothing to we’re-almost-completely-set on the big things.

The funny thing about December is it’s our only option for two years. Either December of 2009 or December of 2010 because of A’s grad school schedule. December is also 1. his birthday on the 13th and 2. Christmas, so sandwiching an anniversary on the 20th will make for an expensive but festive twelfth month.¬†
Also, on a slightly less exciting note, today is the third day this cold has been beating me. Driving home from my parent’s home in Texas on Sunday, I started to feel pretty bad, and by that evening, I was sneezing, coughing, and generally achy. The last two days have continued in that pattern, and I’ve sounded like a man. Not good when you’re presenting a semester’s worth of work, but fortunately, my presentation was postponed until Thursday.
Hope you’re all at peace in this Easter season.¬†
Here’s something that makes me happy. Two things, actually… (sigh, I’m such a dork)