My housemate, Juliette, leaves for Aruba tonight. Actually, she leaves for her hometown, Syracuse, tonight, but tomorrow morning is flying to Aruba. She deserves a relaxing time away, and I really hope she gets it. And while she’s away, she’s giving me her room! So I’m pretty pumped for the next 10 days of living in the Chaeau Lynch.


feeling inspired

Feeling inspired today to get down to details for wedding.
147 days until December 20, 2009.
{that means I should get some ideas down on paper and stop blogging in different sizes}
I printed out July and August calendars and put important dates on them.
Tomorrow save the dates go out.
I’ve got 18 days until I pick up Aaron.
And still in lots of love with espresso-colored envelopes.
{paper-source called them chocolate, but I don’t care}
{mother trucker it’s going to be a fast and furious 21 weeks}
Oh, and I bought these wicked new running shoes. And put them to use the day I got them.
Hello, wedding dress.
Hello, best version of myself.
{from december 20 until forever}

surprise! we’re moving to europe

That’s my plan, at least, after Aaron graduates and we’re not bound to any place. The crazy thing about marriage is there are two people who have to come to an agreement on a plan, though. I’ve dreamed about this since I was little, and as far as planning goes, it’s something that seems feasible. I’m a word whiz and he makes movies. English seems to be in demand in most places (not to get too anglo-centric), and, as far as the film thing goes, it’s just as realistic for him to find jobs in European towns as it is in the States. (That realism, by the way, is tempered by the fact that there is a low low low placement rate. So when I say it’s realistic, I’m saying the lowness is about equal.) It’s hard for both of us to deal with unknowns, so going all “Revolutionary Road” is kind of out of my league. But I want to so bad. We’ll see.

{london bridge courtesy}

{did you get lost in amsterdam source}

{for you, champery source}

blah blah blog

I am irritated with myself because I can’t fix the header to match the grey of the background (which isn’t right either) but now I have to get ready for work. Poop.

Here’s something to make me feel better about my shortcomings:


Stop the presses.

On second thought, don’t. I did it last night (page 1 errors demand replates) and, an hour later, my buddies at the press weren’t thrilled. Good thing they love me 🙂

Figuratively, though, I’ve admired this for a LONG time. Letterpress swoon. Color swoon. Box swoon. Swoon swoon. All pictures and the goods themselves from Etsy Seller 1canoe2. I can’t think of a better appetizer to the appetizer than these beauties.

Now go enjoy the rest of your day. I hope it’s not rainy unless you want it to be (like I did!)