one week later.

whew, what a great week (the last one). the next one? to be determined. here’s the thing, i have a killer next two and a half weeks and then a wedding. i have finals, papers, drives, home for a couple days, drives back for one more final (I AM SO PISSED), drive back to texas, couple days of downtime, then wedding-ness, marriedness, lifeness…

…holy mocha things are changing quickly. no time to breathe.

had a most wonderful time over thanksgiving with my wonderful mother, father, sister and fiance. fell victim to an awful sickness, though. made it OK. don’t have a voice back completely, but my throat’s not sore anymore. hope it doesn’t return with a vengeance (or at all).

gosh i just really love my family. they are pretty really awesome, and exceptional, and i miss them and i’ll always miss them until we’re close enough that i don’t have to drive twelve hours to see them. AND THAT BETTER HAPPEN BECAUSE I WOULD LIKE IT TO.

yeah, OK.



taking a short break from the blog world (as you can tell). will be back soon.

So much has happened in the last 3/4 days. I promise a more comprehensive post tomorrow, probably, but for now, enjoy your weekend. I have…a Lion win last night and a Husker win tonight!


Swoon. Heart palpitations.
A few weeks ago I mentioned my ultimate Christmas gift was a letterpress. Did you know the blog gods are always ready to make your lofty goals seem a little more attainable? I present to you an at-home letterpress kit. Find it here.
Look at these printing plates!??!?! And in chartreuse!!! I’m loving the pattern, and, naturally, the crown.
Love. It. And how perfect that the stock images of the plates are in our wedding colors. (Ahem, Aaron, if you’re reading… I think it’s fate….)

The opportunity to make lots of lovely colors from these inks. And, perhaps, lots of people’s days!!!

All images from the Letterpress for Lifestyle Crafts (L).