Little Livy Suh sleeps at our feet every night. Sometimes I’ll wake up and kick her in the head, hear her start to purr, and she’ll crawl up between Aaron and I and sleep right at my side as I pound the snooze button again… and again… and again…

Her purr sounds different every night. Yesterday it sounded soothing, like a relaxing hum, as she laid on my chest as we watched the Olympics. Tonight she sounded like something broke off and was rolling around in her purrer.

I love coming home and seeing Aaron and Livy cuddled together on the couch. Makes my heart the happiest, especially given Aaron’s history as an ardent anti-feline supporter 🙂 I have tried hard to like his little dogs, so I am glad he gave cats a chance, too. I think we’re both better for it; the dissenters on both sides knew we would get a kitty/little dog eventually, so embracing (literally) the cat/dog sooner rather than later just made sense.

The other night Aaron and I were talking, and he mentioned how much he loved having the distance between us and his “old life.” It made me pretty happy, since I used to feel a lot like I would play second fiddle to his family indefinitely. Knowing that he chooses me, and that he is adamant that we make plans for us exclusively, means very much to me.We love our family, but being our own family and establishing traditions and a lifestyle without feeling bound to either of our families’ lifestyles and ideologies is something he is really passionate about, sort of suddenly. And I love that about him.

Like I said, this kind of came as a surprise. For a while he felt left out of his family’s goings-on and it hurt him. It was distance, not necessarily intention or expectations, that created the separation, but I can’t say that I hate that the “separation” of him from his family because it has shown him a freedom that he wouldn’t have had otherwise, and that has helped him become a really invested husband.

And he is a wonderful husband!
And a wonderful kitty daddy!

Speaking of kitty daddies, Aaron wants to get Liv a harness and leash and walk her. I am silently laughing and outwardly cheering him on because 1. I think it will be hilarious to see this event unfurl and 2. Knowing Aaron, he will be bound and determined to walk her on a leash and will not stop until he and Livy successfully walk… is this another sign that Aaron’s never had a cat before? Stay tuned…

smells like teen spirit

{dave, above}
{kurt, below}

Today Aaron walked in wearing his t-shirt and flannel. Classic Aaron. I told him he looked like Kurt Cobain and Paul Bunyan collaborated on a clothing line. He really liked that. Then we played “Smells like Teen Spirit” and moshed around our living room. Sometimes I think Aaron would look like a mix between Kurt and Dave if he had long hair. I kinda dig that. Mostly the Dave part.

But seriously.

I know Aaron’s secret dream is that he could play drums professionally. Or DJ. I wish I could make those things come true for him. In the mean time maybe he could just keep being a music aficionado, grow his hair out, buy more black shirts and get some tattoos….


And p.s., Dave’s kids’ names are Violet Maye and Harper Willow. Adorable. Oh goodness gracious. Maybe if we move to L.A.

My long-haired lover circa 2008 (who will be so thrilled I’ve posted all of this…nope). I couldn’t find any pictures of him with longer hair, though I know there are some. And to think…he wants to shave his head again tomorrow. Sigh.

1. Johnny Weir: “A fallen angel.”
2. SHAUN WHITE OWNS the 2010 Olympics.
3. And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud (I really like this quote but can’t finish it off the top of my head) became less than the risk to unfurl(?).
4. Don’t just stand there, bust a move if you get an urge.
5. Having sweet dreams about my boss pouring cups of water over our Xerox machine.
6. What does it take to get mint julep cups? Seriously, I’m on the prowl for some.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to seeing Shutter Island , tomorrow my plans include unpacking, decorating and maybe some painting and Sunday, I want to enjoy a cup of coffee on my new patio furniture!