This year will is our first married Easter (wahoo!) and I’m thrilled Aaron will be home all weekend. Unfortunately that’s not enough time to get to Texas, but even though we won’t get to do the famous Anderson egg hunt it will be a special “first” for us 🙂 We’ll be dyeing eggs and I have finished working on Easter baskets tonight. Friday is stations of the cross, too. Sunday will be another battle against Easter Lilies, which I am terribly allergic to. ICK. The worst part about Easter is those awful flowers.


Palm Sunday

Today is the beginning of Holy Week.
Today, I will examine and renew my loyalty to Christ.
Since we moved, we haven’t been to a church in town. I don’t feel bad about that. Will we go somewhere this evening? Maybe. I grew up appreciating this week more than any week in the Church year, and a big part of me misses the communal part of going to a church. I don’t know how that will materialize, though, because my beliefs are so back-and-forth that I feel like covenanting to any church would not be an honest commitment to that body. I guess that is one of the main reasons I don’t feel bad about not going to a church building every Sunday.

This caught my eye as I was reading today:
“Some people are shocked to learn that Peter denied even knowing Jesus. I wonder how our Lord feels about His present day disciples who, unlike the first twelve, are not threatened with punishment or death, yet live mostly as if they don’t know Him. Does it grieve Him that those who say they love Him spend more Sundays away from their house of worship than in it, ignore His mission for their own selfish pursuits and fail persistently at their loyalty for no greater reason than their enduring apathy?

As an unchurched Christian, I don’t know how I feel about that. What does “living like I know Jesus” mean? What does it mean to you? Does it mean that you attend church every weekend and use social media as a means of spreading your church’s beliefs? Does it mean you choose to do what is “right” in all circumstances, and when asked, give your honest belief that you make the choices you make because you are no longer your own? Do you sell all of your possessions? I am not saying that any of these is the wrong, right way or the only way, but merely wondering what the people who read this think.

For me, does spending more Sundays away from a house of worship than it it mean I am ignoring Jesus’ mission for my own selfish pursuits? Am I a testament of enduring apathy? At least as far as the latter statement is concerned, I think I’m the complete opposite. I care so much that it is hard to commit to any church. I don’t mean that to sound arrogant, and I hope it doesn’t.

Anyway, a lot of deep thoughts this afternoon. Whatever you did today, I hope you did it in joy.