March Madness

So it’s almost March. And that means thesis film. Yes, the almighty thesis film. I’m really trying to not let it rattle me.
Things are falling in place. I just cast last week and am buying their plane tickets to come to Tallahassee. It was a long casting process and a challenging one, but I’m confident with my actors and can’t wait to work with them. I really do think half of what makes a good director is casting well.
And today we’re 99% sure we locked a location! This has been at the forefront of my mind for over 6 months. My show is a logistical nightmare because we need a very specific type of land that looks like Iraqi marshes. These all happen to be along the coast which means it’s a distance away from Tally. Every marsh along the coast also happens to be a state park/national park. Just try to convince a park that a film crew should film there, especially when there’s actors carrying weapons that will fire blanks.
But today we found all of the right ingredients at Bald Point State Park. With the help of some great park rangers and a beautiful looking park I may have found our location that can work for the entire film.


Academy Awards 2011 recap

Well, it seems 50 percent of you guys had the right idea in choosing The King’s Speech!

I absolutely love the Academy Awards, which is no surprise if you follow me on Twitter. Aaron was in the editing suite all day yesterday editing a movie, so instead of hanging out with some friends he wanted to relax at home, which is exactly what we did. He made spaghetti for supper and I made Bakerella’s Oscar cookies. I don’t have the Oscar statue cookie cutter (must get that before next year!), so I had to freehand cut the cookie dough, which is why the little gold men look a little funky. I iced the cookies with a yellow/red food coloring concoction and used gold sprinkles to add a little glitz. The cookies were giant—about 10″ each—and I broke two of them before I could ice them. See that statue with the tiny head and crack through his middle on the left? Poor guy.
The guy on the middle is definitely the best. The guy on the right looks about as messed up as James Franco was last night. Yikes. I think Anne Hathaway got a bad rap, but what could she do? Her co-host kinda left her out to dry and the writing for the show didn’t support a Hathaway-only-hosted show. I felt bad for her.
So, what’d you think of the show? I want to say I was especially proud of the Oscar winner for short film. God of Love won best picture of the Love Your Shorts film festival Aaron’s movie Throwdown screened at on Feb. 13. The director, Luke Matheny, is a student at NYU’s film school. Represent! I’d love to say I know a nominee for next year’s short film!

Olive Suh, under the weather




Miss Olive has been sick for most of the week. We think she has a food allergy. A month or so ago she was having stomach issues, so we switched her from Hills Science Diet to a new food. It seemed to do the trick. We ran out of food this week, and instead of buying the new food Aaron bought Hills Science Diet again. Well, the “issues” are back. Yikes. Yesterday Aaron bought the new food (again) and we’re hoping that solves the problem. Because it is g-r-o-s-s. The things we do for our pets.

on a fridizzle

I don’t care for these things:

  • getting sweaty in the a.m. while blow-drying my hair
  • incurable skin
  • paying the big bucks for a short-term lease on our apartment
  • auto-play music on blogs
  • terrorists
  • answering “what will you do after film school?”
  • being far away from the familia
  • stomach aches from yogurt
  • the unfinished projects in my living room
  • not knowing aaron’s weekend schedule (because there is never a schedule)
  • cancer
  • bad windshield wipers
  • fast food

I love these things:

  • toby sleeping on aaron’s head. both of them having cheshire smiles.
  • power outages and re-enacting “flipping out” scenes with me as jenny and aaron as jeff instead of watching them
  • my coworkers
  • babies
  • polka dots
  • springtime
  • the possibility of beach camping
  • feeling loved and being able to love in return
  • wind in tallahassee
  • the king of limbs and rope
  • buying local produce
  • health
  • sticking to regular exercise and pondering running (like, for real) and encouragement from jillian.
  • the fam
  • learning new things and then doing them. and remembering how to do them next time. 
  • taking cell phone pictures
  • jay-z’s “blueprint 3” track #5
  • blogging and blogs and bloggers
  • coming home to a husband playing his electric guitar
  • our neighbor’s australian labradoodle “emma.” She is a true Tommy Dog and if we ever get a dog I want one like her!
  • mozarella + pesto
  • getting a peek inside people’s homes (sounds creepy, not intentional)
  • being a big dork when Aaron and I first hung out as friends and giving him a high-five instead of hugging him. I’m still a dork. 
  • the filmies. those guys are awesome.
  • the Oscars. see above. One day I hope I get to go. One day I hope my husband wins one. More than one. If you don’t dream big what’s the point, right?

My dislikes are so, so insignificant, and I’m thankful.

Wrapping 07MTH and a brain dump.

Yesterday was check-in/checkout for 07MTH The Dancer. When Aaron came home from wrapping Tuesday night he was uncharacteristically chatty about his day; he told me about how proud he was of the footage he captured. If you know my husband, you know he doesn’t often talk about himself in this sense. I can’t wait to see the footage, and I know Aaron is dying to see some preliminary cuts, too… I am proud of his work as a director of photography, and although he didn’t specialize in DPing and chose to direct a thesis instead, I think his heart still belongs to cinematography.

For that reason I am dyyyyinnnnggg to get a dSLR. I’ve written about it before, and as long as Aaron reads what I post I’ll continue to write about it, because (sigh) I want that.

So, I’ve got swirling around in my head all kind of ideas, but ideas don’t mean anything unless you actually get to work and bring them to fruition. I want to sit down and sew, paint and draw and see if any of these things can actually do what I think they can—so now I just need to sit down and do them.

I’m in the midst of three(ish) projects right now: a tablecloth, pillows and painting some things. They have nothing to do with the sewing, painting, drawing I mentioned earlier, though. I’ve also been really bad about my reading list. Bad as in I haven’t touched more than one of the books from my JANUARY list.

So, I have a head full of idea explosions, a house full of incomplete project explosions, and a wishlist. I think some priorities need to be shifted. I won’t shop for or buy anything new before I finish the projects on my list (unless it’s groceries, which we can’t do without) (or a new camera).

I want to go camping at the beach this weekend. I don’t know if we can swing it because of A’s editing schedule, but if we can I will be so excited. It’s perfect weather; I love camping; let’s hope it works out.