We love making movies and we love Sugar Photography!

The amazing and talented Jennifer Little of Sugar Photography came out to the marshes of Aaron’s thesis film and captured some raw and awesome images of what being on a movie set is like. If you want to see what it’s like to be a film school wife, check these pictures out—and if you’re looking for a photographer in Tallahassee, Florida, to capture all of life’s anythings, I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you so much, Jennifer! 

photo credit: Sugar Photography 
Something important to me about the thesis film production was making sure I documented what it was like for me and Aaron as a critical part of our lives. A still photographer is an integral part of a movie set, because they document the process, cast and crew and show the h-a-r-d work that goes on behind (in front of/on top of/underneath/around) the camera. I feel like Jen has offered us both that view and a special view as the wife of the director. There’s nothing more thrilling than seeing that director smile take after take, and I’m so thankful Jen captured that! The movie-making process has become a part of our life, and I hope it continues to be for decades. 

Gender Role Maelstrom

Aaron said he’d make supper last night (Tuesday night spaghetti night), so I said thanks, grabbed the April issue of Southern Living, poured a margarita and went out to our patio. I love when I get the night off. I had no qualms with him making dinner and he had no problems with me gettin’ slizzard and reading about Faulkner’s last living relative. [sidenote: I loved this brief article, and I do not understand why Southern Living is giving away their content for free. I like having it to reference, and I’d especially like the access if I didn’t have a subscription to the magazine, but this model can’t be sustainable, can it?]
So I finished drinking my marg and moseyed inside to see if the mister needed help. I start to make garlic bread, notice the trash needs to be emptied, and joke that perhaps he should take it out. He says why don’t you take it out, I assumed jokingly, and I respond with “women never take out the trash. It’s a man’s job.” Jokingly. Aaron’s face turns to stone. He is mad. What? Even after our extensive and thorough premarital counseling, I guess I didn’t realize how much gender roles and stereotypes bother him. He was really angry about what I thought was a joke—he asked how often he referred to things I typically do (because I do them well and often quicker and better than he can) as “a woman’s job,” and how I would feel if he started referring to them as my tasks. I was sort of shocked. I thought I was joking. And even though I rarely empty the trash (save for when he’s on super long sets and I absolutely MUST), I don’t take for granted that Aaron does this most of the time. 
We don’t believe Emily does some things and Aaron does other things on the basis that one is for a wife to do and one is for a husband to do. I am thankful for my parents for showing me this pattern of marriage and cooperation in my formative years, and I want my children to see their mom and dad as a team accomplishing tasks inside and outside the home based on their strengths and talents, not based on their chromosomes. There is much to be said for a husband who leads as a servant, first and foremost to his family. 
I am thankful Aaron is that for me, and I am thankful he could remind me of that last night. 
Also thankful for the margarita. 
You got me! via Aaron. 

A year or so of daily life: March 20-27, 2011

In August, I began the Photo 365 challenge – a photo a day for a full year. I’ve decided to call mine “A year or so of daily life: Chronicling our life in Tallahassee and the latter half of graduate school one day at a time.” I hope you enjoy a sampling of our daily life!

Whew, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a post! I’m 190 pictures in on my Year or So of Daily Life project, and I want to get better about archiving the images here. I am lamenting my iPhone 3G and it’s incapability of focusing like Aaron’s 3GS. Here are the photos from March 20 to March 27, 2011.

Sun., March 20
Actually, I never got to mark the slate, and my whole life is a lie. I did get to pose with it, though. 
Mon., March 21:
My fortune cookie from lunch said this would be the magical day for filming; I regret to inform you it was not. That bottom right picture? That’s a car stuck in a foot of sand at 11 p.m. All I wanted at that point is to get out of the damn marsh and shower. 

Tues., March 22
Sarge, Walter and the POW. POW was actually listening to his Arabic between takes, which is the iPod cord you see dangling next to his semi-automatic weapon. This is also the last day of filming Aaron’s thesis. I took two days off of work to sit in the marsh lands of Bald Point State Park and pretend to be the executive producer.

Wed., March 23:
This is Liberte yogurt. I was not a yogurt fan, not regular nor Greek, until on a whim I tried this God-breathed excellence. I implore you (yes) to try some. It’s practically replaced ice cream as the most delicious desert ever. Try lemon or blackberry. We buy ours at Earth Fare and Publix.
Thurs., March 24:
New haircut day + date night at Ted’s. Aaron called and asked me if I would go on a date with him for surviving thesis filming. I said yes and we had a most lovely, delicious dinner. We both ordered steaks. One of us ate all of his or her food; the other ate half and got to eat the other half for lunch the next day. 
Sat., March 26:
Pool opening! First day at of the year to spend poolside. Our apartment complex has a pretty sweet set-up, and I went early so I got a prime seat. The funny thing about living in Tallahassee is you can lay out in March because it’s warm enough, but you can’t lay out in July or August because it’s TOO warm.
Sun., March 27:
I washed my car (Bumblebee) today for the first time in a LONG time. My dad would be ashamed of me. Also, new nail polish: Essie’s Geranium. Also also: I followed Darby’s tutorial and breathed new life into a $12 Walmart dress and $2 package of buttons. Explanatory post to come because I love how it turned out!

A dream backyard

We have a sweet tiny patio at our apartment with two comfy chairs and a cute Weber Q, and I love it, but sometimes I yearn for a backyard. Sprawling, lush and comfortable, I dream about our friends and family just popping in and enjoying a meal and time together. In my dream world, this is where we could all meet…

on the deck, overlooking the water…

in the backyard, surrounded by trees and with soft green grass underfoot. If you’ve never felt the difference between icky southern grass and soft, fine grass, you have to experience it…

steaks or burgers fresh from the grill…

especially this one:

via Crate and Barrel

and I’ll never turn down a view like this:

Source: houzz.com via Emily on Pinterest
or this—I adore the fire pit:
Source: houzz.com via Emily on Pinterest
and for Aaron, who dreams of this. I can see us here:
Source: houzz.com via Emily on Pinterest
enough room to relax with those you love the most. That’s what’s most important.
Source: houzz.com via Emily on Pinterest

I love each of these. If there’s one cohesive style, I hope someone will point it out to me.Where do you want to unwind at the end of a day or enjoy a cup of coffee when the sun is still sleepy? 
[All of these images from my outdoor rooms board on pinterest. If you’re on pinterest, I’d love to follow you, too.]

…and then I found $10

Remembered at the last moment I had an appointment to get my hair cut.

Got a call from Aaron asking if I would like to go on a “Thank God thesis is over” date.
Accepted the date.
Went to my hair appointment. Got a sweet haircut.
Came home, drove with husband to Ted’s Montana Grill.
While we were waiting to be seated, we met the sweetest elderly couple from Michigan staying in the hotel around the corner. They walked to the restaurant from the hotel, and the husband was worried his wife wasn’t going to be able to walk back in the dark. My sweet husband offered to take him to the hotel so he could pick up his car and they could drive back after their dinner instead of walking back in the dark (kind of dangerous in Tally, no matter where you are). I love him.
We ate amazing steaks, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls and an Arnold Palmer.
Came home to watch some March Madness and found out that I won a contest with our apartment company and won $10. 
This is all my brain can handle right now. Thesis filming was crazy. Hard. Amazing. Exhausting. Expect a full recap to come. 
But not yet. We have to catch up on our sleep.
Here’s a picture of the new haircut!