That Frozen Concoction That Helps Me Hang On

We are headed to Miramar Beach for a week of relaxation, so in honor of our vacation, I present to you a delicious bebida.

I plan to blog from the beach, and I hope whatever you’re doing this long Memorial Day weekend you will take a moment to honor those men and women who have fallen in the line of duty in service to the United States. 



Their first album was called For Emma, Forever Ago.
Their second album, Bon Iver, Bon Iver, will be released on June 21, 2011- my birthday.

Cape Cod Revisited

My friend Jessie is going to the Cape this week, and she asked me about any places she ought to stop while she is visiting. I lived on cape for a summer as an intern with the Cape Cod Times, and, though I remember how difficult it was sometimes, I look back at it fondly. I really want to return with Aaron and get to visit the places we went last time without him leaving.

He drove my car from Omaha, Neb., to State College, Pennsylvania in a day to pick me up from my residency at Penn State. By the way, State College is also an amazing, cute little town. I’d love to go back there, too. Anywho- He picked me up in State College and we drove to my summer home on the Cape (ha!). It was my first time to ever go to the East Coast, and driving through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts took some heavy-hitters off my 50-states list.

I remember when we finally got to Yarmouthport, where I was going to be renting a room, I was speechless. Everything was so old, quaint, beautiful and wonderful. At the same time, I was scared of being in this foreign place, where I knew no one, and devastated that my best friend was only dropping me off and then flying back to Nebraska for the summer. I remember holding back tears as we drove into the driveway of the amazing home I would live that summer. I remember looking to Aaron for comfort, and seeing how excited he was for me to have this experience, and knowing how amazing the experience would be, and still feeling completely sad to lose my partner.

When he left later that week, I was devastated. I think the dark Cape nights made it especially hard for me. There are not many streetlights, and the few that scatter across my old house on Main Street are dim, and I would try to go to sleep but lie awake and worry and be lonely.

Looking back reminds me of how fragile I was for those first couple of weeks on the Cape. Tonight, as I was trying to remember the names of shops and restaurants, I googled the address of the old house where I lived to get bearings on locations. I couldn’t believe it what I saw…

That white car on the gravel driveway? That’s mine. This two-year-old image really made me smile. It made me even more thankful for the two years since my time on Main Street and especially for the boy whom I have travelled so many more miles with since then. I look forward to so many more.

Nauset Beach Lighthouse
Taken the day before Aaron left the Cape ~ June 2009

Home Sweet Home

I got home this afternoon from a four day trip to Tampa and Orlando for work. Our fantastic events coordinator Sarah, who is getting a blog soon, needed some help with the events, and so I got to go! I am feeling very much like a business lady now, having been on my first evs work trip. And it helped that we stayed at a pretty swanky hotel, The Grand Bohemian, on one of our stops.

It was wild. Crushed red velvet, mirrors, glitter on the elevators? Questionable choices. Artwork? Also pretty interesting.

The pool there was pretty awesome, though.

I missed my husband.

I had cable TV for about 96 hours, but, alas, no Bravo.

I kept the air conditioning as cool as possible because I knew when I got home I’d be back in the war of the thermostat. I don’t think Aaron moved it below 78 in the four days I was gone. I can’t deal with that.

While I was gone, Mr. Mugs kept busy on set and building sets for pick-ups. He also had his first meeting with the alumni rep to talk about what happens after film school. My sweet boy sounded really panicked when he called me after that meeting. He hates not knowing what’s next more than I do, but I know we’re going to be completely fine. I don’t know what shape or form our lives are going to take over the next few months, but I know we’re going to be OK. We have a lot of thinking and praying and deciding to do. We’d appreciate your prayers, too, along with any insight into a couple of cities…

And now I’m back in Tallahassee for a couple more days until our first beach vacation of the summer. I’m super excited that we get to go to the beach with both Aaron’s family and my family… and spoiled. Looking forward to that beautiful water and a cool sea breeze. And maybe a mojito or two.

It’s the weekend. Hallelujah!

Today was a big day at work, and I am exhausted and feel relieved to be done with it. I strained my back while trying to move too many chairs yesterday, and today it just killed me. I made a ghetto heating pad by taking two old socks, filling one with rice, stuffing it inside the other and then microwaving it last night. It worked, but it wasn’t comfortable enough to sleep on, so I bought one of those Therma-Care heating pads. Much better.

I am eager for the next few weeks. I am going on a trip for work this upcoming week, and then the next week I will be on vacation. We’re not sure what Aaron’s schedule will be like, no surprise, but I’m hoping he’ll catch a break and be able to spend most of his week there, too. He will be done shooting pick-ups for thesis films at the end of the month, which will signal the end of production of thesis cycle. We’re down to around 80 days left before he graduates, which I can hardly believe. I am so eager/anxious to find out what opportunities he might have. I am getting ahead of myself, of course, because we still have to go through the entire post-production of WMD, mentor matching, and the Film School Gala and graduation. Which reminds me, I haven’t posted my monthly goals for the month and we’re already halfway through May. How did this happen?!

I broke the needle in my sewing machine earlier this week. I feel like that’s a good sign that I’m getting some use out of my Christmas present. My mom should be proud.

Jennifer and I paired up to capture the McGowan family, and I blogged about the story and she took some amazing pictures. They are a military family. John just left for his third tour in the Middle East, and talking to them was really an honor for me. What a sacrifice their whole family makes. It makes me feel silly when I complain about late night shoots like tonight.

Sidenote- I’m so excited for kiss + tell me, and I’m so thankful to all of you guys who have supported me in this.

It is officially hot in the dirty south. Mid-nineties and humid, too. You know it’s hot when you can’t sit on the patio at Starbucks because you’re sweating too much (at 9 a.m.). I hope the next place we live is cool or at least a dry heat.

Hope everyone is having a good night. Don’t forget… the world ends tomorrow!