New story at kiss + tell me.

Head over to kiss + tell me to read the amazing love story of Tiffany and Robert. This was an especially cool story to hear because Tiff and Rob are my sister- and brother-in-law, and I didn’t know them until they’d been married for a little over a year. I loved getting to hear how their story began (and continued)!


Some Faves for the Weekend

  • I am newly obsessed with Planters Nut-rition Omega-3 mix of walnuts, dried cranberries and chocolate-covered soy nuts. So good.
  • My family is coming to the beach two weeks from today! And by the time they get here, Aaron will have less than a month left in graduate school. He has applied to a few jobs, and we are praying for the best. [sidenote- I am so proud of him, regardless of how long this job hunt takes. He is the hardest worker, smart, and incredibly loyal, even when he’s doing a job he doesn’t like. I think whoever gets him will be lucky. I am.] The closer this all gets, the more nervous I become. But if I could decide where to move, somewhere snow falls in the winter, please. 
  • We have reached a settlement in our air conditioning wars. I can turn the thermostat to 73 degrees(!!!) and actually this might be a little too chilly for me. I love it.
  • I often think about the summer I lived in Lincoln with Tia. We lived in a second-story apartment in a renovated school building, and everything about that summer was amazing. Last night, during a Tallahassee thunderstorm, I felt especially nostalgic for Hayward House, as I remembered the night Tia and I sat in the darkness and watched our street flood because of a terrible thunderstorm that produced tornadoes. There is so much I miss about Lincoln, and Hayward is one of those things. I can’t wait to one day take my kids back and show them all of the places that are important to Aaron and me.
  • I really want a new sofa for our living room. I’ve been looking at a couple, but Aaron said we have to sell the bane of my existence first. And, because I’m a dreamer (aka like to spend money), I really want a big chair, too. We’ll see how far I get with that with my husband.
  • At work I have to turn on a heater in my office because I am so cold; meantwhile, it’s an average of 95 degrees outside. Ridiculous.

AND FINALLY, I have two new awesome blogs to share with you!!!

The Precious Porcellino is a fantastic food, entertaining and lifestyle blog that my friend Sarah just started. In her words:
“This blog is where I can share my love of cooking and being creative in the kitchen with everyone. My goal is to come up with  healthy, easy and delicious meals for the everyday gal (or guy!) with a focus on creating better-for-you versions of some classic, but unhealthy, favorites.”
Seriously, guys, Sarah’s recipes have been such an inspiration to me. Add her to your reader!


Put Me In Charge, which just so happens to be the newest endeavor by my favorite person ever. In his words:
“So I never noticed until my wife pointed it out that I have a tendency to find the most random of things or topics and always provide ways it could be better. Whether it’s traffic, restaurants, products, I always give my opinion even if it’s ridiculous.I don’t want this blog to be a bunch of complaining, but it’s rather for the comedic enjoyment of tracking these little things in life, if changed, could make the world a better place.”
This is his new diversion, and it does make me laugh!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

23rd Birthday


Yesterday was my birthday, and it was wonderful. At work we had birthday bagels, and then last night Aaron and I enjoyed steaks and ate slices of birthday cake. We watched Casino Royale (because I wanted to watch The Holiday but he refused) and Aaron sang “Happy Birthday” to me all by himself. Did you read the post he surprised me with? It was so sweet.  It was a great day, and I know it will be a great year.

The Queen’s birthday

Emily likes to be pampered.  She’ll be the first to admit that.  And she’ll also tell you that I’m a miser when it comes to money and that comes into conflict with her queendom.

Even though I may be tight on money I really do try to take every moment I have with her to tell her how much I love her.  Every day when she comes home I give her a hug and tell her how much I love her.

I know these past two years haven’t been easy.  She finished school, got married, moved across country into a new apartment and started a new job all within two weeks of each other.  It was hard enough of a transition for me I can’t imagine how it felt for her.

Those first few months were really hard for her because I would be on set for 13-15 hours a day 7 days a week sometimes not getting home until the middle of the night.  I just don’t think she had any real clue how that was going to affect our relationship.

But she continued to make our home beautiful, to work every day so that I could get my masters, and to be the my best friend.

I’m about to graduate here in a little more than a month and I just love looking at our lives here in Tallahassee because she’s done so much for me.  I really don’t think I could have done anything to do with this school without her support and desire to see me succeed.  I just pray that in the future I can be just as much of a loving spouse as she has been to me.

I love Emily’s birthday because she’s always happy.  She likes to think she gets a whole month (she does) but I like spending this day with her.

One of my favorite birthdays I spent with her was before we were engaged and she lived in the Hayward house and all of her friends came over for a party.  She turned 20 so no booze, but there was plenty of Dr. Pepper.

And of course this was a little bit of foreshadowing but I pretended the DVD of A Very Long Engagement was a ring and proposed to Emily.  I took her breath away obviously.

I love you so much Emily.  Happy birthday from me, Livy Suh, and the Fat Toad.

Pinnable Me: Birthday Party Edition

My birthday is next Tuesday, and I thought it would be fun to create an inspiration board for a soiree I’d love to throw complements of Pinterest.

I’d have these invitations sent to my friends
and we’d all meet here:
and walk up the staircase to this hall, where we’d laugh and dance and enjoy a meal together:
These fun guys would be centerpieces:
And pretty streamers would be everywhere.
All the girls would wear fancy dresses.
 I’d choose this one:
Everyone would enjoy pink cake:
and stay until late in the night
Source: via Ally on Pinterest
I’d give these button cookies and a bottle of fun wine as a thank you:
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

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