The Week in Facebook

Instead of rehashing, the pertinent points of the week via the f-book. 
Pancake Church at IHOP last Saturday was amazing. Harvest Nut and Grain pancakes for the win. We hadn’t been to an IHOP in Tallahassee while living here. It was clean and the service was good. Something about IHOP makes me think about winter and being cold, and sure enough, the dreary Saturday morning we went looked more like a day in late fall than in the dog days of summer.
My mom celebrated her 51st birthday on Monday. I wish we could have been there to celebrate with her and enjoy some of the delicious cake my sister made.
I’ve been desiring the cold like crazy. Tuesday morning it was 69 degrees when I got in my car to go to work. Since I was a few minutes early, I drove to Starbucks and got a drink to enjoy in the faux cold weather. I can’t wait for it. 
My husband finished the 17-minute film he’s created over the past 18 months. It’s almost unreal to believe that the baby he dreamed up and made come to life is officially locked and ready for premier in two weeks. I look back over the nonstop work he has done since we’ve been married and am amazed 1. that we survived as a married couple 2. that he survived 3. that it is actually done. He will be home for the first weekend—all weekend—tomorrow and Sunday. I am so proud of him. I am really looking forward to spending time together on the weekends and eating dinner at dinner time instead of 10 p.m. We’ll see if that’s the direction we go! 
Aaron’s best friend Mike is in town for a few days, and Aaron is so excited to have him here (as am I). Mike is a great guy, a great friend, and the perfect house guest. It really means so much to us that he made the trip to come visit us in Florida!
So, that’s the week, or at least big parts of it. Also, keep us in your prayers for what’s next. I can’t believe he graduates two weeks from tomorrow. It’s so surreal and exciting. I’m hopeful to have more good news soon! 

Film camera pictures

This morning, Aaron picked up a roll of film from our Destin trips. As much as I love the ease and gratification of digital photography, there is nothing like the quality and surprise you get from using film. I absolutely love it, especially when Aaron’s behind the lens. It’s always fun to see what he captures.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the last roll we developed.

I’m going to encourage Aaron to use his SLR more often so we can have more pictures on film. It is kind of sad that there is only one place in Tallahassee to develop film; Target and Walmart mail it out. I remember when Mom used to drop film off to develop for an hour at Walmart. It was always fun to open the packages and see what pictures turned out. Do you miss film?

A stitch in time.

Sewing Machines #1 - The ADLER

I took my sewing machine to Destin on vacation so my mom could teach me how to use it. I got it for Christmas, and I have learned everything I’ve done so far from reading the manual. I regret never taking my mom up on the offer to learn how to sew; she does amazing work so effortlessly, and every time we go to my grandparents’ house in Nebraska she shows us all of the clothes she made when she was in 4H from elementary to high school.

Well, this weekend we took out the machine and she was giving me basic tips, and these huge messes of shredded thread kept turning out on the underneath of the paper towels we were sewing (yes, we were sewing paper towels, that’s all we had). I told her I’ve been having this problem since I broke the first needle. She cringed, looked at the needle and laughed.

I had forgotten to thread the needle through when I replaced the original one I’d broken. I actually somehow sewed a ruffled table cloth without threading the needle the entire time, however janky it may look on the inside… and a month later my mom solves the problem with my ugly sewing in about three minutes. We were both laughing so hard, and Aaron was so glad to see that the problem that was frustrating me was so easily solved.

I do have to say, Mom was impressed that I managed to actually sew something that looks decent without any previous knowledge… or a correctly-operating machine. Operator error. But you can’t say I am not inventive (and stubborn!).

Now I’m looking forward to sewing pretty stitches that won’t embarrass my mom. Hooray for learning new, better ways to live.

Anderson Family Vacation 2011


I always feel a little blue when I come home from vacation. We got back to Tallahassee from a long weekend at the beach, and I’m not sure if it’s the summer heat or just the complete stillness, but I’m feeling super sad about not being with my family anymore.

My parents rented a cabin on the beach, and despite a few thunderstorms, we had an awesome time together. My sister and her boyfriend, Hayden, along with Mom, Dad, drove to Destin and we met them there. The proximity to the beach is definitely something I appreciate about Tallahassee. Hayden finished his job a counselor for the first summer session at Pine Cove, and Jillian was able to take a few days off work to come, thankfully. Even Aaron got to join us!

We called Hayden “Haydo Couseau” throughout the week because he was an expert at finding sand dollars at the sand bar. He found 38 and then stopped counting them. A family offered to pay him to swim them out to the sand bar and show them where he was finding the sand dollars. I have definitely never seen so many.


We have never been to the beach so late in the summer before, and all of the seaweed made it kind of gross for the first day. Thankfully, it cleared out and became much more enjoyable. I was just happy to spend time bummin’ it on the beach with the fam, but our next trip will be earlier in June.




We left at 5:30 this morning to come home so Aaron could work on coloring the film he was DP for, and my family left soon after back to Texas. Maybe the reason I’m feeling sad is because I’m not sure when we’ll all get to be together again. Dad starts football season in the next two weeks, and then Jillian is at A&M for the fall. I’m hoping if Aaron finds a job and we move somewhere that requires a big move we’ll be able to stop for a few days in Tyler on our way. (Keep us in your prayers about the job situation, please!) There’s no news on that front, for now.

At any rate, so thankful for such a great time in a beautiful place with the people I love the most.