Goodbye, September!

At the beginning of September I told you I was ready for the change the month offered. Now that the month has passed, I’m recalling all of the ways our lives have changed and all of the hopes we still have.

I firmly believe the biggest and best opportunities often come around when we’re not looking for them.

I’m also truly at odds with myself here; as a planner by nature, it is tough to not think and hope and plan for what could happen. I am telling myself to be done with the searching my heart can’t seem to stop, the reasons being twofold: The more I search for what’s next, the more discontent I find myself, and, admittedly, also because a part of me wants so badly to be there that I think not worrying about it might get us there more quickly.

I don’t want to wish my life away waiting for the mean time to pass. I don’t want the next 20-or-so weeks of just Aaron and I to pass too quickly. I want to savor all of the time we have now, but I still can’t keep myself from the next steps.

Do you do the same thing?

18 Weeks- Boy, oh boy!

This eighteenth week was a busy one for baby guy and me. We visited New York City for a whirlwind 36 hours, rounded out the weekend at home, and then flew back up the eastern seaboard to Washington, D.C. This week I noticed quite a few stares in the airport, and friends I was able to see in D.C. commented on how I looked pregnant. This was actually pretty fun to hear! We landed back in Tallahassee around 2 a.m. Saturday morning (from NYC) and I noticed major swelling on my feet… it made me nervous, but as soon as we were on the ground it subsided. I was exhausted all weekend, and I think anticipating a repeat performance of all of that travel made me even more tired, but it was still nice to  be in such great cities.

I’ve noticed this week how often I’ve been craving sugary drinks and milk. I’m trying to stick to milk and water with lemons or limes, but sweet tea, especially, has been at the top of my favorite things list, along with my Belli band. Seriously, that thing is a lifesaver. Not so much a fan of the maternity jeans I bought though; they are going back to Target and I’m getting my favorite Gap jeans in a maternity style instead.

By far the best part of week 18 has been learning our little one is a little guy, simply because we can call it “him” and finally, finally discuss names. I’ve always had a list in the back of my head, and finally getting to ruminate over it with Aaron has been so much fun. I bought a baby name book, which I thought Aaron would find silly, but he grabbed it from me pretty quickly and spent most of the night calling out names. It made my heart swell. We have a few names, one of which is my absolute favorite, and I was pretty sure Aaron would hate it. But he bit! So we’re still ruminating and laughing about all of the possibilities.

Favorite moment of the week? Yesterday in the airport, a TSA agent called me through security and stopped me. He said something, but amidst all of the beeping and buzzing I couldn’t hear him clearly. I asked him to repeat what he said. He asked me how far along I was and if this baby was my first. For some reason, a stranger saying something to me about this made me bubble up with happiness. I quickly told him I was about 19 weeks along, so as not to slow the line, and he smiled and told me congratulations. As I walked to pick up my carry-on from the conveyor belt, he yelled out congratulations, again, and said “you will love it. It’s the best!” Such kind words from a complete stranger in the most unexpected of places made my otherwise dull trip home happier.

It’s a BOY!

When we finally got to meet the ultrasound tech at our appointment this morning, the first question she asked us was “do you want the baby’s sex to be a surprise?” Immediately, Aaron responded with a no, the tech laughed, and she told us that the first thing she would do would be to try to see the “parts.” She pretty quickly identified the anatomy, and Aaron and I waited eagerly until we heard her say “it’s a boy!” Seeing Aaron’s face as he watched the screen was one of the happiest moments of my life.

I am happy our baby guy cooperated with that part of the ultrasound, because he certainly didn’t with the rest. Our tech said he was curled up in a tight little ball. His anatomy looked great according to our doctor; he has long legs like his daddy, at least for now, and clear white bones. Uncooperative little guy’s spine’s shadow was blocking the view of his heart, so at my next month’s appointment, we will look again and hope he will let us see. I hoped to get a good view of his profile features, but he was turned around and facing my back, so we didn’t get any good pictures of his face, either. He is measuring big (yipes!) and I am both eager and anxious to find out if that trend continues. Aaron weighed more than 9 pounds when he was born, so baby could, too!

I’ve always been intrigued with ultrasound pictures, because they are so strange and yet so interesting. I can easily see how someone could be turned off by the semi-ghoulish looking bones. You can’t always tell what exactly you are looking at, and sometimes what you’re looking at is kind of creepy. At the same time, it’s so, so cool to see the little life on that screen and realize that you know both nothing and everything about it.

We are so, so happy and excited to know more about our baby and to be (finally) able to talk baby names and come up with ideas for his nursery. It looks like the Chinese chart was correct for this babe, and that we had the right idea, too! I leave for New York tomorrow, and I’m eager to spend the time on both flights dreaming about this little guy. He is due five months from yesterday!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday and Friday!

He or She?

Aaron and I decided long ago that, at least for our first child, we would find out the sex before he or she was born. We haven’t really wavered from that for the last few months with baby, and I’m so excited to find out tomorrow! I think a surprise would be fun, but I know myself, and as fun as that day-of surprise would be, the fact that I can know already (well, at least with <90 percent probability) is so much more fun and exciting. Plus, since neither of our families are close by, I feel like knowing our baby’s sex gives our families a greater opportunity to get to know the baby, too. 
Since I announced the pregnancy, my friend Jen has told me that if I’m feeling strongly about the baby being a boy or a girl, the baby’s sex is probably is whatever I’m thinking. The crazy thing is I have an overarching opinion, but I don’t know if it’s exactly a feeling/intuition or just an opinion! 
One of my favorite bloggers, Erin at Blue-Eyed Bride, posted links to a Chinese gender prediction chart. I have heard that most babies are accurately predicted by the chart. According to this chart, our baby will be a boy. If you have babies, was this correct for you?
Gender predictor chart found here

Three out of the four of our parents have guessed girl; Aaron’s dad’s guess was the funniest (and only boy guess); he said “it’s a boy Husker baby!” It made me laugh, but we know whether baby is a boy or girl, he or she will be a Husker! My sister Jillian guessed girl; Aaron’s sister Tiffany guessed boy. Most of my friends are also leaning toward girl. I’m having so much fun hearing these predictions… it’s kind of silly, but mostly just exciting!

Aaron and I have the same guess for the baby. Aaron doesn’t have any preference, or at least any that he is telling, but I do… (obligatory “of course what is most important to me is having a healthy, strong, growing baby regardless of sex! Whether baby is a boy or girl, I will be overjoyed!” because it’s true, y’all…) Nonetheless, I would love to have a boy!

For the record, Aaron and I both think that baby is a boy. 

My appointment is tomorrow morning, so keep our little one in your prayers: that he or she is healthy, growing, and that the anatomy scan goes wonderfully!

Any last-minute bets on Baby Nix’s sex?

17 weeks

No picture from this week… I will probably regret that, but oh well! I feel like Week 17 passed in a blur, mostly because I was really tired throughout the week. I got a little cold, which zapped my energy. I was also really hungry though this week. Fruit (watermelon, nectarines, plums, lemons), potatoes and bread were my faves of the week. I also enjoyed chicken for the first time in months!

The most exciting part of the week (and of the pregnancy so far) was feeling baby move for the first time on Tuesday. Of course, I’m not certain it was movement, but I really think so. I felt the same thing around the same time driving home from work and also when I would lie down on the couch each evening. To me, it felt like tiny popcorn kernels popping. So exciting!

After trying on a lot of nicknames for our little one, the only one that has really stuck is just plain “Baby.” We both call it “Baby,” and it’s so endearing to hear Aaron say our little one’s first name. Once again, I’m incredibly thankful for Aaron’s reasonableness in the midst of my fluctuating emotions. I think I exasperated him by going from calm and serene one moment to full-out bawling the next.

I felt great through Week 17 and am looking forward to Week 18 (disclaimer, as I write this, I am already in Week 18. What I mean to say is I’m looking forward to finding out Baby’s sex on Wednesday!) I can’t deny the little bump that’s growing anymore!