Laboring Away

It’s Friday, and college football season has begun!

This week has been busy. We spent three of the four (so far) weeknights with friends this week, and Shepherd is getting used to staying up a little later than usual.

On Tuesday, we went to Lincoln to have dinner with the Ricley family, Brett, Nicole and sweet Jonathan. They are on their way to Salt Lake City to begin a new chapter as missionaries, and we were excited to “see them off.” Brett and Aaron have been best friends since Kindergarten, and it was special to have both of our families together and to introduce Jonathan and Shepherd to each other.

On Wednesday, we met up at a local Mexican restaurant with Aaron’s College roommate, Levi, and his sweet girlfriend. We got a good chuckle looking at the drink menu… One of their featured cocktails was called “Sex in the Beach.” Lost in translation? Ha!

Last night we enjoyed dinner with some of Aaron’s new colleagues and their wives. So fun!

Despite the busy nights, my days have felt pretty slow. Actually, I have felt pretty lethargic all week… My allergies have knocked me out and made me feel pretty blech. I finally found all of our medicines, so hopefully Claritin will come to the rescue. I still have a little to do downstairs (temporary curtain situation, hanging frames, some stuff in our bedroom) and all of the office/guest bedroom and Shepherd’s room to work on. Slowly but surely! As I’ve unpacked, Shep has inched closer and closer to mobility. He is almost crawling, and I’m sitting here thinking where did my tiny baby go?

We are starting the Husker season of right with the Southern Mississippi game tomorrow with Aaron’s parents (Shepherd’s first Husker experience!). Looking forward to a good time and a good start to our 2012 season. Next week, my grandparents are planning to visit and meet their first great-grandchild, which is pretty cool. My other grandpa is having some health issues and was admitted in to the hospital last night, so please say a prayer that his tests will come back with no problems and he can go home soon. Also, we are expecting a new niece any day now, so prayers for a safe delivery for my sister-in-law and Baby Girl Nix!

Do you have any plans for the long weekend? Aaron doesn’t get a Labor Day holiday, so we will be sticking close to home this weekend. Have a great time and safe travels if you’re going anywhere!


Weekend Update (Little House Edition)

We’ve been in Nebraska and our new town for a week now, and I still have that queasy feeling in my stomach, a hallmark of when I’m anxious. That’s marking both the good and bad. First, the good: 

Aaron started his new job on our first official day here, and he is working with a great group. He and our family were officially welcomed last night at a service that marks the beginning of the school year; I grew up in the Lutheran church, so it was lovely and familiar to me. In fact, the service was held at the church my Grandma Great and Grandpa Great attended when they lived nearby!

We are almost completely unpacked (downstairs). We have so little storage space, and our upstairs is still a dozen boxes waiting for a home. Poor Shepherd’s room is functional, and that’s about it. My goal is to unpack completely by Wednesday and spend Thursday working on Shepherd’s room.

It has been 90-plus degrees here, but it doesn’t feel like it. I love, love, love it! Sunsets, prairie, country skies, open fields, crisp air… my heart is happy here.

We have cable for the first time in our marriage! This is exciting, and it’s kind of funny; we are so used to being a season behind in our shows that we don’t really know what shows come on at what time. I am mostly looking forward to football season!

I think we will see more friends and family in this week than we did our entire two-and-a-half years in Florida. What a welcome change!

I saw Ted Kooser at the local thrift store today. In Lincoln, this would have been so huge to me. In Seward, I did my best to not watch him or make eye contact. I guess that makes me a local!

Last Thursday I went to see my old bosses, and it was a great meeting. Praying for opportunities and answered prayers!

My sweet boy sprouted two bottom teeth in the two weeks we’ve been moving. He did so well throughout the whole process, and I am so thankful for his sweet disposition. He’s been a little owly lately, though… he is almost crawling; he’s rocking back and forth and whining when he doesn’t move the way he thinks he should. It won’t be long until he’s mobile!

And a few things that are not-so-good:

We are pretty disappointed with the home we are renting and trying to decide what our next steps should be. I felt like I haven’t stopped cleaning since we moved in. The previous tenants bolted and left a huge mess. I am going to work as hard as I can to make this place home, but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. Big, big sad face. I am glad we are in a house, though, and it makes me want a house of my own even more! Lessons in contentment never end.

We don’t get good phone reception here (as in, we don’t have any) so I am missing phone calls. The bright side is that I don’t carry my phone around anymore… if you want me, send an email or leave a voicemail! 🙂

Our air conditioner was out most of last week, and the repair man couldn’t come until Saturday. But, it’s fixed now!

Have a great week!

Thoughts on a Thursday

I have been thinking about how I mark my days. The last week has been a frenzy, and I’ve had to ask someone every day what the date was. I never used to wonder; I had clocks, calendars, planners, an iPhone, and emails watching me, reminding me how to mark my work for the day.

All of a sudden, life has changed for me. My days get confused. My work for the day is marked by tallying unpacked boxes, trips to the dumpster, how many naps my baby boy takes and how log each of them last. What is accomplished is noticeable in a different way.

I am relearning how to be accountable for the time I am given each day. There’s no boss to chastise me if something doesn’t get accomplished, but I am feeling a greater connection to the responsibility of what I do with my hours. It’s less rote in some ways than my old job, but more rote in others, because we have less flexibility in Shepherd’s schedule than I had at my desk.

Overall, this season, as short as it has been, has been a reset button for me. I am thankful that prayers have been answered, and that we have unexpectedly been blessed in so many ways by our savior through the love of others. I have to keep coming back to that when I get frustrated with our old house or what I can’t do alone. We have been taken care of, and we always will be given exactly what we need.

Little House on the Prairie

Just wanted to say a quick hi- we have arrived to our new home after a long drive across the country.

Aaron started his new job this morning, and I am working on cleaning, sorting and unpacking… Unfortunately, our house was not kept in the best shape by people who lived here before us, so there is a lot to be done.

We are adjusting to life in our new town, and hopefully we will have Internet by tomorrow. I will write more then!

Moving {Day 1}

The movers arrived at high noon on Tuesday. They packed swiftly and kept asking me how anyone could live in such a hot, sticky place (people after my own heart!). Bill couldn’t spell, as he never attended high school (or so he said), and my boxes are marked with “kitchin” and “vidios” and “Emele’s stuf.”

We had special permission from the property manager to have the semi-truck parked in the complex, which made loading trips very easy. I am in awe of their visual-spacial skills; our boxes were packed like a Rubix cube to the tip top of the trailer.

Aaron and I agreed we would have taken three times as long to box things up, because we would have examined the merits of packing every single thing. Randy and Bill (our movers) had us 75 percent packed by 6 p.m. They asked us to pick them up at 7:45 Wednesday morning, and Randy estimated our apartment would be empty by noon.

We spent the last night in our first home, eating Piggy’s BBQ and watching Breaking Bad on the laptop. They left us our bed and built us boxes to use as makeshift night stands.