I Love How Quickly the Seasons Change

Growing up, my family often made trips to Nebraska to see our family. My sister and I always looked forward to the “soft grass” at my grandparents’ house. Now that my own family is now living in Nebraska, I am so happy to finally have that same soft grass to lay a blanket over and enjoy the cool weather.
Just last week we were in shorts, and now the temperature dips in the thirties. The cold has snapped us in to a new season. We are wearing socks and sweaters. I absolutely love it; I am happy. Leaves are drying up and falling like golden kamikazes on to the brick streets of our little town, and on blustery afternoons Shepherd and I stroll down the streets and enjoy the colors of the season. 
My heart feels happy here. It’s hard to explain, but something about a crisp autumn sets my soul right. It’s one reason why I love this place so much. The beauty of changing seasons, and the celebrations that fill those seasons, are like a reward for what time takes away from us. Days and years slip out of our grasp, but the memories and traditions of celebrating those times carry forth, and each new season is a reason to look forward. I am truly enjoying this season. 

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