Merry Christmas 2012!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours! 

Shepherd’s 2012 Christmas List

I remember seeing this post on children’s Christmas gifts and thinking it was a fantastic approach to giving, so Aaron and I adopted this motto to shopping for Shepherd this year. Since he is quite young, and doesn’t understand the idea of giving, receiving or opening gifts, it’s been simple to shop for him. In fact, I found the Noah’s Ark set at a thrift store for $4! Here are his gifts from us: 
something he wants: noah’s ark little people; something he needs: a convertible car seat; something to wear: lumberjack bunting; something to read: a collection of books, including caps for sale and the snowy day. 
Shepherd's Christmas

O, Tannenbaum

To the sounds of Nat King Cole, we lit our tree last night. I was hoping to see wonder in Shepherd’s eyes as he watched the lights go up, but he was much more interested in the metal tin “drum” in the tree lights box than the lights themselves. Little drummer boy was happy as a clam to bang on the tin for almost an hour.

Aaron had an odd craving last night, so we ordered and ate breakfast pizza as we lit the tree. As we took pictures of our little guy and his first Christmas tree, my heart swelled. In the past, we might have had the tree up, lit, and decorated in one night, but this year we have spaced it out over two days so far, and we still have to put our ornaments on. Slowing down to decorate is nice, but I am certainly happy to be almost done. My Christmas Village is up, too.

One last (and important) detail is the stocking situation. My mom made Aaron and me stockings, but there’s no more fabric and I want to switch things up a bit. I’m going to put the old stockings in Shepherd’s room, but as for finding new ones,  I’m not sure if I should make them myself or look for some I like and buy them. Any recommendations? I like the Fair Isle look and want to stay primarily red and green or neutral, maybe burlap or similar?

First Week of December 2012

We got our Frasier Fir last night. This is one of my favorite traditions of the holiday season, made even more special because it’s our first tree with Shepherd. It was fun to watch the salesman and Aaron tie the tree to the top of our car’s roof, but Aaron was nervous the entire 20 miles home that the tree would fly off. We ate our Taco John’s and sang Christmas carols all the way home, at which point he breathed a sigh of relief when we turned in to our driveway.

Now the tree is resting in the corner of our living room, waiting for lights and ornaments. I’ve also added the cedar garland I bought over Thanksgiving in Texas. I was disappointed no cedar garland was to be found in Lincoln; I called all of our home improvement stores and they said they didn’t have any. However, last night, I found one 30-foot strand of garland left. Maybe the stores just don’t know what cedar garland is? I should have bought it; I know I can use it, but since I’ve already decked the dining room with garland, I don’t know if I need it. I sure do love it, though. I would like to make some mini-wreaths for our windows, too.

In addition to Christmas at the Nixes, we celebrated Aaron’s 26th birthday on Monday night with Eileen’s birthday cookies and cookie cake and a dinner in Lincoln. I tricked Aaron with a few surprises (I think) after he said guessed all of the presents I had wrapped. I find it so hard to buy for him, mostly because everything he wants has at least two zeros at the end of it. He is always a good sport, even when I go off the list and get him something he doesn’t really want.

Tomorrow night we are headed to Omaha to cheer on the Husker volleyball team face Washington. I’m excited! For the first time in a long time, Aaron is actually thinking about buying himself a present with his birthday money, so we might even do a little shopping while we’re there. He never buys himself anything, so I’m (strangely?) excited to see him ruminating over options.

I just love getting in to the spirit of Christmas. The sights, the sounds, the smells all fill me with joy. One of my favorite parts of this advent season has been the daily shereadstruth Advent devo, which puts my heart in the right place as I prepare for what this season is meant to be. I’m so thankful for that joy and for the ways I’m challenged to share it.

I hope you’re having a great first week of December!