A Christmas House

Although Christmas has come and gone, I love looking at these pictures from a few weeks ago! Christmas time is my favorite time at our house. This year we bought cedar garland and hung it over the living room entry… the dark green and chalk board black were my favorite part of holiday decorations this year. I never did make Shepherd a stocking, so it’s on the top of my project list for this year.

My rosemary tabletop tree succumbed to the cold, dreary December days and has a pretty awful brown patch, but it still smells nice! My mom found the blue pot it’s planted in at an antique sale we went to when I was home for Thanksgiving. I also put a little tree and wreath in Shepherd’s room, but since we don’t spend too much time up there, I didn’t add lights or ornaments to it. Maybe next year!

IMG_9450 IMG_9436 IMG_9435 IMG_9432
IMG_9468 IMG_9424 IMG_9422  IMG_9410 IMG_9020 IMG_8991


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