St. Patrick’s Day 2013


After a delicious lunch with friends on Saturday, we spent our weekend at home battling colds and erupting teeth. I’m not sure why, but we have battled more colds and runny noses in the past few months than in the first half of Shepherd’s life. Weather? Drafty house? Fevers and coughing combined with teething has made this a pretty long week. And to top it off, I caught the cold Shepherd was just getting rid of. Poor Aaron is feeling OK yet, but he has been a good sport as he’s dealt with two grumpy family members.

We didn’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in any special way, but we wore green as we waited for our house to be shown to prospective renters. That’s right; we’re moving, again, to a new house here in town, and we are very excited. There is work to be done beforehand, though, so we are asking for prayers that someone will quickly rent the brown house!

This post is quite a hodgepodge, so forgive me as I ramble! We found out that there may be a freelance project for Aaron that, if it works out, will help alleviate some of the expenses of moving; we are praying that it is OKd and can progress.

Aaron and I were talking earlier about how sad we felt for this–our– little brown house because of the sad state if its upkeep. We have tried to make it better, but it needs so much work: more than cleaning and minor repair work will fix, and since we rent, we can’t do the major work. At least we were able to help it as much as we could. It has been good to us, and be it ever so humble, it has been our cozy little home. Does anyone else think of houses in this sense, or are we just nuts? I hope it will be taken care of; it could be so darling with some love and elbow grease. I am slightly sad to leave it.

And, of course, a picture of my little leprechaun. I love this little boy so much!


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