New Goals for our New Home

We are moving to our new house in a little more than a month, and as usual, I have a freshly minted list of goals for our new home. Some things we will accomplish quickly, and others we will work on patiently, layer by layer. We want to be mindful of our home budget, especially as renters, but we’re also eager to dig in, because we plan to stay here for a while. Here’s an abbreviated list of short-term goals we’ve set for our new house:

  • Install a flag pole.
    This will be an easy job, and it is one of the first things we will do when we move in. We live in Nebraska’s Fourth of July City, so it’d be a shame to not have the stars and stripes displayed. Also, we’ll need to buy a flag! Can you believe Patriotman has never had a flag pole at his home?
  • Paint the living room, kitchen, dining room, hallways, and playroom.
    We have the freedom to choose paint colors with the approval of our landlord, and I’m looking forward to bright, crisp rooms that are full of light. The main living areas are currently bolder, darker colors, which make east-facing living and dining rooms seem smaller than they are. The colors I’d like to use are mostly whites and grays, so I’ve been pinning a lot of inspiration on my sunrise cottage and home life boards. In exchange for getting to choose our paint, we will be doing the labor, which means it may take longer to accomplish some rooms. Do you have any suggestions on color?
  • Plant a garden.
    This one is pretty straight-forward. This is my first major foray into gardening, so with advice from my parents, aunts and grandma, I’m hoping to have at least a few fresh vegetables to serve this summer. I’ve had pretty good luck with container gardening on our patio in Florida, but I’m not too familiar with what works and what doesn’t in Nebraska. If any readers have any tips, I’d love to hear your advice. If you’re local, I’d love your help! I’d like herbs, tomatoes, peppers, onions and maybe lettuce; we will have to wait and see what’s possible. I hope to update this more as we move in and the weather starts to warm up (we are currently in the midst of another winter weather advisory through Sunday, and I’m over it).
  • Plant flowers.
    This is really part two of the above goal, but I plan on adding some lower-maintenance annuals and perennials to the front and backyard as soon as we move in. I’ve got seeds for zinnias; my aunt has offered to give me cuttings from her yard, which once was my grandma great’s yard, so I’m very excited to have some special blooms. Some things will take a year, which is OK, as we plan to be in our new house for at least two summer seasons.
  • Set up our “outdoor room.”
    As you can tell, I’m really excited about having a livable yard. My parents are avid gardeners and impressed on me the importance of enjoying all of your home, including the outdoor spaces. After this winter, I’m craving a green space for Shepherd to play in and Aaron and I to enjoy the warm weather. I plan to create a sitting area with the patio furniture Aaron bought me on our first married Valentine’s Day (still one of my favorite gifts) and perhaps string lights and a fire pit. I’d love a big copper fire cauldron like this or like this, so I will have to keep an eye out for one that’s closer to my budget. After three muggy, buggy Florida summers, I can see us spending a lot of time outdoors this year!
  • Set up the guest bedroom.
    We haven’t had an operational guest bedroom since we sold the what was in the Florida apartment’s guest bedroom to make room for Shepherd’s nursery, so we will be essentially starting over here. We need bare basics: a mattress and frame/headboard. Even if it’s not perfect, I’d like to have a place for guests to sleep as soon as possible.

Of course, until then, we will be keeping our current home in tip-top condition in hopes that the right person comes along. If you would, we’d appreciate if you kept us in your thoughts and prayers: for our patience and trust in God’s timing/plan/things we don’t understand, and for a new tenant to rent this house, and quickly!

Housekeeping note: I realized that by changing the blog layout, I’d inadvertently skewed many of the photos on the blog, especially the set from Shepherd’s first birthday. Until I get around to resizing those, you can check us out flickr.


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