Jillian’s Ring Day

While Aaron was in New York City, Shep and I drove down to Texas for the weekend so we could celebrate my sister receiving her Aggie Ring. For those unfamiliar with Aggie traditions, it’s a big deal at Texas A&M, and I was happy we could be there for the ceremony. One of my sister’s roommates received her ring the same day, so we got to celebrate both Jillian and MB’s ring day. It was a perfect day followed by a delicious steak dinner and a few photos back on campus.

There were literally thousands of students waiting outside in the Haynes Ring Plaza for their numbers to be called. It was pretty cool to see.




Once Jillian’s name was called, we all went in to the alumni center, where Jill picked up her ring and my dad presented it to her. It is called a ceremony, but it’s really informal and quick. It’s more about the networking after earning your ring that makes it an interesting tradition.






Jillian’s sweet roommates were all there to cheer for her. They are the most fun girls.


Mary Beth and Jillian and their newly minted Aggie rings:


And then there were family pictures. Please note Shepherd’s missing shoe… his Poppy was supposed to be in charge, and Shepherd ended up driving the Aggie golf cart. 🙂





Afterward, we went back to Jill’s house and met up with Hayden, who had just got in to town. Shep and I finally got to meet Watson, Hayden’s adorable basset hound. So (stinking) cute! We headed back to campus afterward for a few photos with Jillian and Hayden.



Since we were in town for only a short time, the next morning we went to a cute downtown art fair in Bryan and then headed back to Tyler.





It was a quick but wonderful celebration of Jillian’s hard work thus far. I’m so glad she found a wonderful community of friends and academic passion at Texas A&M, and that Shepherd and I could come to College Station. We are so proud of you, Jillian!


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