Shepherd is 15 Months

(No picture this month!)

Happy 15 months, Bunny Boy!

This has been a quick month for us, and each day you show us more of your little personality. Your crazy hair and giant smile are two things I will most associate with you this month; your hair gets longer and curlier, and you have started to fake smile this huge, hilarious, adorable “cheese” smile that I can’t get enough of. You’ve also started this curious habit of wrinkling your nose and raising your eyebrows when: a) you don’t understand someone’s reaction to a noise or event b) you don’t like what we say c) you are confused by something going on around you. I haven’t been able to capture either face on video yet, but I hope to soon.

Some things about you:

  • You are so good at following directions. You know so much and generally listen to us when we ask you to do a simple task.
  • You’ve really taken to reading your board books. Your favorites this month are the animal books; you love The Bunny Book, Fuzzy Animals, My First Animals, Pat the Bunny and your “I want to go!” book. You still sometimes put the books in your mouth, but you’re growing out of that phase and learning to turn pages and read to yourself.
  • You can say several words, but seldom do unprompted. If we ask you, you will sometimes say the word and sometimes not. I’ve noticed more talking to yourself this month, which I think is a good step toward talking more to us.
  • You wake up early. We usually let you lay in our bed with us while we try to squeeze in another 15 minutes of sleep, but end up putting you down and letting you roam around our room and your room. You’ve started bringing us your stuffed animals, toys, books, and anything you can find and putting them next to us. I think it’s so sweet that you bring us your things.
  • You are a wild man with a sensitive heart. You are rough-and-tumble, but when you want to cuddle, you will crawl up in our laps and be perfectly content.
  • You still suck your fingers.

One thing that emerged this month that has been frustrating is your new pre-dinner routine. At about 5:45 each night, you run to the kitchen and yell and point to the cabinets and refrigerator. If we are preparing meals, you are right at our legs yelling and crying and sometimes screaming. You don’t understand that we are making you food, and it’s very hard to be around you and cook simultaneously. I hope you grow out of this soon.

As the weather has warmed up, you’ve enjoyed playing outside. Digging, exploring, bouncing your giant kickball, carrying rocks to-and-fro, and helping me in the garden and playing basketball with Dad are some of your favorite things. You often run to the back door and ask to go out, which I love. I hope you always love playing outside.

This month, you went to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha with Nana and enjoyed the bears, aquarium and giraffes. Birdie and Poppy and Aunt Pookie came to visit for a weekend and we went to Grandma and Grandpa Great’s house and celebrated my cousin’s graduation. Uncle TJ, Aunt Tiffany and Kennedy came to visit, and it took a while for you to warm up to playing with your cousin… you aren’t too sure about sharing toys yet!

At Fifteen Months:
Height and weight: 32 inches and 21 pounds, 8 ounces.
You are wearing size 12-18 and some 18-24 month clothes.
You are wearing size four diapers and size five shoes.
Your hair is light brown and long and has a curl. You are our little surfer boy!
We love you so much, funny boy!

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