Shepherd’s First Haircut

On June 15, we took Shepherd to his first haircut. Aaron and I were sad to see his curly locks go, but it was time; with the hot summer approaching and people mistaking him for a little girl because of how long his hair was (which I still don’t quite understand), we walked in with a baby boy and left the salon with a true-blue toddler.

Shepherd was so well-behaved. The lady who cut his hair said she’d never had a little boy do so well for his first hair cut. We made sure to bring his Sesame Street characters and a bunch of Cheerios, which helped distract him. The worst part of the whole trip was the initial cut. The first piece to go was the super-long piece of hair behind his ear. It was a good inch longer than the rest of his hair, and it had been there since the day he was born. After that, it was fun to see his little face transform. (Note Aaron’s face in the middle picture. He was imitating Shepherd’s reaction, and it is probably my favorite picture of them all!)


Another before and after of my baby-turned-big boy. His expressions when he saw his reflection were hilarious. He did not look amused!



I can’t get over how old he looks with his new haircut, but I love it!


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