Baby #2… It’s a Boy!


We found out (by accident) that our new baby would be a new baby boy on June 19. At my 15-week appointment, the midwife tried unsuccessfully to find baby’s heartbeat for about 15 minutes. As I waited to hear that amazing sound, my own heart was anxious and sad. This problem happened on our last visit, so I wasn’t quite as scared, but it is still a disconcerting feeling. Because of the baby’s age and size, the midwife was uncomfortable with not hearing a heartbeat and letting me go another few weeks without hearing that all was well, so she asked if I would be willing to have an ultrasound right then and there. I agreed, and she told me we would be able to find out the baby’s sex then, too, if I wanted.

Since Aaron wasn’t with me, I texted him and asked if he would be OK if I found out without him. I could tell, despite his affirmation that he was OK with me finding out, that he was sad to be missing this ultrasound and the excitement that comes with learning if a baby is a boy or girl. As soon as the tech showed that black and white picture of baby, and it was confirmed that he/she was doing absolutely perfect and growing well, she asked if I wanted to find out, and I did.

I was 100 percent sure baby number two was a girl,
and I was WRONG!

Though I was expecting to hear “it’s a girl!”, I was really excited to learn that we’d be welcoming a baby boy to our family; a sweet son for Aaron and me and a brother and lifelong friend for Shepherd. I had to think quickly about how I could tell Aaron about brother, and I decided that announcement cookies from Eileen’s Colossal Cookies would soften the blow for him of not being able to be at the ultrasound. Eileen’s cookies are a huge thing around our family; both Aaron and I think their sugar cookies are some of the most delicious out there, and so I drove to the shop and they made me a few blue and white announcement cookies.

I brought them home, asked Aaron for his prediction (he thought boy the entire time), and brought him the plate of cookies. He was so excited; he grew up close to his older brother, so I’m sure knowing our boys would grow up together thrilled him. We tried to take a few pictures of all four of us, and then we let Shepherd have part of a cookie. It was, indeed, a sweet memory for us. We are so excited to meet baby brother!





2 thoughts on “Baby #2… It’s a Boy!

  1. Congratulations on another sweet little boy! And how exciting that Shepherd will have a little brother to grow-up with! I hope you are feeling well. You look great!

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