Five on Friday :: no. 1


I decided it would be fun to link up to Five on Friday this week. Who knows, maybe I will even stick to it! Just a few brief glimpses at what’s been going on with the Nixes this week(ish).

This week marks the halfway point of my pregnancy! Today was our 20 week ultrasound/the anatomy scan for baby boy. Though we already knew he was a he, it was exciting to see his little features on the screen, hear his heartbeat and learn that he is healthy. Praise! As soon as we saw the printed ultrasound pictures, I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. His profile is nearly identical to his brother’s: same button nose, same chin, and he was even sucking on his fingers. I am so eager to find out if Shepherd and Brother will look alike! In the picture below, Shepherd is top and brother is bottom.


According to the odometer in the Bumblebee (my car), in the last month we have driven more than 5,000 miles! Wowza. Trips to my parents’ home in Texas, Aaron’s parents’ home, to see our friends in Colorado and our most recent 1600 mile journey to the Minnesota-Canada border have really added up the milage. I’m looking forward to a quiet (and local) August, so we can give the old Bumblebee a break for a while.


There’s no place like home! This is a tie-in to number two, above, but it is so good to be back at home. I love waking up before the boys and enjoying my coffee in the sunshine-drenched kitchen in the mornings and tending to my little backyard garden. I’m working on our family and dining room area and plan to paint our bathroom and maybe bedroom this weekend. Progress is slow, but so worthwhile. I’m thankful for the little nest we’ve got here.

We have a squash bounty! While in Minnesota, our squash and zucchini plants really took off. I picked two huge fruits from each plant when I got home yesterday. I’m looking forward to trying some pinterest recipes this weekend.


I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas. This sounds silly, but I’ve been trying to figure out where we’ll put our tree this year. There’s no great spot in our family room, so I’m just stumped. Good thing it’s July, right?

Happy weekend!


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