Five on Friday :: no. 2


Here we are again! Welcome to August! I’m not posting any pictures due to mid-pregnancy fatigue/summer sleepiness.

Something we’ve been meaning to do since we finished painting our living room was move my desk up to the dining room so I could have a place to work and keep an eye on Shep as he plays nearby. We finally did it, and I’m again wondering why we took so long to just haul the dang thing up stairs.

We have three rooms left to paint upstairs: the bath, master and nursery. I wish paint colors looked normal in our house. The strange lighting makes everything look a lot more blue on the walls than on paint chips, which means lots of driving back and forth to Home Depot for paint samples to try and find the right colors. I have six sample containers that haven’t worked out so far, and as of last night, our bedroom looks like it’s been graffitied. I may have lost my mind and started writing words on the wall in paint.

This week Shepherd has been obsessed with his dad (even moreso than usual). Aaron was at a bachelor party last weekend, and in addition to the almost three weeks we’ve been away in July, Shepherd just really miss him. He walks around our house pointing at pictures of Aaron and saying “Dada.” It’s the sweetest thing, although he also calls his mustachioed sippy cup and the portrait of Teddy Roosevelt on the book on Aaron’s bedside table Dada. It must be the facial hair.

The aforementioned bachelor party was in honor of Aaron’s college roommate, whom we will celebrate (in addition to his beautiful bride, of course!) tomorrow. They even got a front-page feature in the newspaper and a shout-out from Tim Miles this week. Congratulations, Levi and Jayne!

OK, so this one is a complete mom thing to post, but it’s noteworthy for us, so I’m writing it. This week Shep decided he wanted to use the potty. We didn’t prompt him, so, bewildered, I went out and bought him a potty ring. We went with Cookie Monster and Elmo in the sea, because that’s what Shepherd kept pointing to and clapping about, and it’s the only kid show he watches. Basically, I’m winging semi-potty training. Perhaps we’ll call it… baby-led pottying? (Weird I know.) I’m not doing any training, per se, but Shep is really interested in communicating when he needs to go, and the whole “experience,” so we are running (eh, light jogging) with it. We haven’t given up diapers yet, and I’m not sure we will for a while. I do have to give him props, though, because he’s impressed us a lot this week. We’ll see where it leads.

Hope you all have an excellent first weekend of August. Enjoy the first weekend of the last month of summer!


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