home in progress: the bath

As part of our new goals for our new home, and for record-keeping purposes, I’m going to write a few posts about the updates (mostly painting) we’ve been doing on our little house. I thought I might as well make the posts public so you can see what we’ve been up to. Keep in mind, these are pictures of an in-progress rental home that we are working on with limited time and budget, so please be kind in your critiques! 

The first room I’ll share is the smallest: our bathroom. There wasn’t much to be done in this bathroom, as we’re not changing any of the fixtures, mirrors, etc. The orange color cast really strange glows, so that was what we changed.


This room gets pretty light most of the day, so I wanted a light color that would make the space seem bigger. I had a more difficult time choosing a color for this bathroom because every swatch I painted in the room looked really strange next to the bright orange, and after debating several shades of gray, taupe and even a blue, I went with a creamy white. It took us quite a while!



The worst part of this room was the trim behind the door (not pictured). Instead of a closet door, this room has deep open shelves that go from floor to ceiling. Even on a stepstool, I couldn’t reach the top shelf, so Aaron did that and the trim (since my pregnant belly couldn’t reach over the granite counter). I am thankful for the newness of this bathroom; the surfaces are all new and nice, which is a huge bonus in a rental home.

In the above picture you can see the trim isn’t all done; we’ve since finished it, but I haven’t taken updated pictures! What’s left for this room is some sort of art and a new shower curtain. Almost completely done! Yay!


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