Baby W’s Tiny Nursery

If I had to pick my favorite project I’ve ever undertaken, it would be this one. I had so much fun imagining ideas for Baby W’s nursery and then piecing together those ideas into a nursery for my sweet little boy.


The Before:

But, first things first… let me tell you about the nursery in its original form. It wasn’t a nursery at all; in fact, the room is a one-time bedroom that has been converted to a closet/laundry room area connected to our master bedroom. Yes, our baby boy will be sleeping in a laundry room! The room itself is small, with room for only a few pieces of furniture, but it gets excellent sunlight almost all day.

Here are the before pictures. I wanted to partition the “closet” side from the “laundry” side without making any permanent changes (since we do not own this home), and I came up with the idea of tacking bead board to create the illusion of a faux wall. Aaron’s wonderful mom and I spent a weekend fitting and installing the board and painting the room, which made a huge difference in defining the space.







I didn’t have any specific ideas for Baby W’s room, but I knew I wanted the room to be light, bright, calm and happy, and I hoped to use many of the things we already owned. An extra copy of Where the Wild Things Are, a sweet fabric I used for the crib sheet, and the hippo canvas from Shepherd’s nursery were my color inspiration; I went with muted neutrals and greens and blues, and I love how it turned out.

So much of this room is thanks to my amazing mom, who sewed the valance, curtain panels, crib skirt and crib sheet. Thank you, Mom! The rest of the furniture, art and decorations came from around our house. One of my favorite parts of this room is the pair of big brother pictures we took of Shepherd… I wanted to incorporate a little bit of him here, too. You might notice that Sheppy’s letting Baby W borrow his Hercule Bla Bla doll, which we used in his monthly pictures, until Baby W gets a Bla Bla of his own! I’m still looking for a rug and a lamp, and of course, once the baby is born, we’ll add a few more personalized things and photos. For now, I am so happy to have this room ready for our newest love.

The newborn time is so sweet, and I wanted Baby W’s room to reflect that. We are so eager to meet our baby boy, and we can’t wait to bring him home any day now!

And, now, the after!


















7 thoughts on “Baby W’s Tiny Nursery

  1. Brilliant! LOVE everything….I’m so enamored by you and your sweet family. Blessings to you at this most wonderful time in your lives.

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