Wilder at 1 Month


Happy one month birthday, Wy Wy!

How is it you’ve been here a month! It’s been no time and forever at once. We’re so glad you’re here!

You’re my little bear cub. You are the gruntiest, noisiest baby I’ve met, especially at night, when we would like to rest. You’re up several times through the night and don’t take especially long naps, but we’re working on it, and as you grow you seem to be sleeping more.

You’re a pretty good eater, nursing often (and obviously enjoying eating—look at that chunky baby!). You’re a lazy eater, too… I call you my hungry hippo, because you’ll be ravenous one moment and then drifting off to sleep the next.

Your little eyes are beautifully blue (for now). Shepherd’s were gray when he was at this age, so maybe you won’t have brown eyes like him. Chances are you will, and I’ll love them, but I like that right now you have lighter eyes.

You are my little chunky man. You’re a stout baby, but long, too, which gives us a laugh. You have a barrel belly and a pointy chin poking out from your chubby face. Lately your lashes have grown longer and darker, but the hair on your head has lightened. You seem so small to me, and I love that you don’t seem so eager to be older. You’re sleepier and more laid back. You’re wearing 0-3 month clothes; you wore newborn clothes for a little more than three weeks.  We don’t have your current weight or height; we’ll have a two month check and I’ll record it here next month.

From the day you were born, you’ve held your head up strong and tall. It surprised the nurses at the hospital (and us!), and I hope it’s a sign of who you will grow to become: strong, focused, and confident in the possibility of your life.

You love tummy time and being in the water. You do not love diaper changes, dirty diapers, patiently waiting for anything, or being laid down. We hold you much more than we held Shepherd, surprisingly. You just want to be close, and closer still right now, as you go through a “wonder week” of development.

The first month of your life was an extravaganza of Christmas, travel, sickness, and transition. We celebrated your first Christmas just two days after we came home from the hospital; Birdie, Poppy and Pookie came to our house for Christmas, and Grandma and Grandpa Great came to visit for an afternoon, too. We then went to McCook, your first road trip, to see Nana and Papa and celebrate Christmas there. You met all of your cousins in the first two weeks of life! All four of us caught a terrible stomach bug in McCook, and I was very frightened for you. You were resilient, though, and ended up faring better than we did (and Shepherd, too!). Your dad enjoyed being at home for the first three weeks of your life thanks to Christmas break and generous family leave; we were very thankful to spend that time together.

Shepherd called you “Wy Wy” before you were even born, and the nickname stuck. You’re Wy, or Wy Wy, and sometimes JW (J-Dub) and John John or JJ. I call you John Wilder often; your dad less often. Lots of people ask about why we chose John Wilder Anderson as your first and middle names… I’m going to write about that soon, but just know that we loved these names for you now and to grow into.

You’re my little love, and I couldn’t be more smitten with you, Wy. You are such a blessing!







I decided that my “word” for 2014 would be “focus.” Maintain perspective on the most important things (and people) in my life. Here lately it’s been a stretch to do that, but my head is up and looking forward. I can’t really ask for more than to live alongside my two littles and Aaron.

The boys and I are learning how to create and uphold routines at home that give us time to play while still allowing me to work. That’s been the hardest part about our transition to a family of four, but every day it’s a little different (dare I say easier?), and, thank you Lord, Shepherd has done so well with the transition.

He is such a doll, and I know I’m biased, but his sweet heart just blesses me. He’s jubilant in everything he does (almost), and lately, he’s become so independent. He is always asking—sometimes telling—“Popo do it?!” and it wears me out because it’s so sweet. He loves to try to fold laundry and helping unload the dishwasher. He wants to brush his teeth all by himself and climb stairs and put on shoes. He’s starting to refer to himself more with “me” and “my” instead of “Popo,” and I think the day he can finally say his own name will crush me. I’ll miss hearing him say “Popo.” He loves Wilder, and calls him “Wy Wy” or “John Wy Wy” (the “John” sounds like “Dahn” when he says it). Lately, his greatest love has been music; all he wants to do is play guitar and sing “Gone, Gone, Gone.” I think I hear “Mama sing Gone, Gone, Gone” one hundred times a day; that boy just wants to sing and dance—and to that song only. We’re working on learning new songs, but so far the only contender is “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” (and the only word he knows is “row”).

Wilder has carved this completely separate and amazingly equal part of my heart and claimed it all to himself. He’s our little bear; a tiny cub with a strong yet soft personality. He’s mostly serious, but when he shows a smile, we melt. He’s going through a “wonder week” currently, and it’s been a little rough around the edges, but I can’t not love even the hardest days (and nights) with him. Almost five weeks have slipped by, and I know the next five months will do the same, so I’m just trying to love every moment and soak it all in.

Wilder’s birth was so close to Christmas that I sometimes feel guilty for how fast I (we) experienced it all, especially because of the harsh reality of postpartum hormones. It was not all twinkling lights and candy canes and Christmas carols. But I feel like the haze has lifted and we (our family) are beyond those tough first weeks. Especially for me.

Today at MOPS we had a speaker who shared truths about marriage that really encouraged me. It was a deep topic, and a timely one, and I know it was a God thing that I left feeling so completely at peace and thankful. Thankful for my husband. Thankful for my beautiful babies. Thankful for the amazing family who took care of us and served us so well for the last month and the sweet friends who did the same through visits, meals and sweet gifts for the boys.

There’s a lot I’m going to post (when I can get a nap from both boys simultaneously), and I’m looking forward to filling this space up once again.