Why I Love the Wonder Weeks


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Have you heard about “wonder weeks?”

Someone I follow on Instagram posted something about the usefulness of The Wonder Weeks in her relationship with and understanding of her little girl, and so I looked it up. Wonder weeks are the periods of fussiness all babies go through as a result of their (develop)mental growth, and the hard weeks (or days) are signs of progress.

Let me tell you about ours. For the last three days, Wilder has refused to sleep much, eat well, or lie down on his own. He’s started screaming (yikes!) and, if he does accidentally start to doze, he wakes up half an hour later, angry that he fell asleep. He won’t take his pacifier for more than a minute at a time, and he’s just generally been fussy.

It sounds stressful—and it has been—but my understanding of what a wonder week is has changed my entire outlook on this stormy period. At around seven weeks, Wilder began his second mental leap into the world of patterns. As I read about this leap, Wilder’s fussing, clinginess and constant need to nurse made sense. I also received a few tips on how I can help him—and the rest of us—cope with the few days this second leap will last.

According to The Wonder Weeks website:

Parents can use this understanding of their baby’s developmental leaps to help them through these often confusing times in their new lives. You will better understand the way your baby is thinking and why he acts as he does at certain times. You will be able to choose the right kind of help to give him when he needs it and the right kind of environment to help him make the most of every leap in his development.

I’m pretty skeptical by nature, but I’ve realized this isn’t voodoo magic. It’s really helpful, evidence-based research that’s compiled into chunks manageable enough for this often-exhausted mom to read and benefit from. I’ve got the app, which I’d recommend—it gives you a calendar of your child’s projected leap dates, ways you can help your baby through the leaps, and insight as to what’s actually going on in his or her brain at that time.

For someone like me, who really benefits from understanding the “why is this happening?” as much as the “how can I make it better?”, it’s invaluable.

Here’s The Wonder Weeks website if you’re interested in finding out more. I can’t vouch for anyone but our family, but I really recommend checking out the app, at least, if you have or are expecting a baby.

So, I know this may sound like an ad. I promise; I’m not getting anything out of this post. I just found it to be an incredibly helpful reminder of the developmental importance of the “bad days” I thought were never going to end. I hope it’s as encouraging to you as it has been to us!

Have you heard of wonder weeks? Have you used the app or book to help you cope with your baby’s developmental leaps?


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