Wilder’s Birth Announcement

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Even though social media may seem to make traditional birth announcements obsolete, I love them. I think they’re wonderful keepsakes and beautiful, too. I’ve always regretted that we didn’t send out formal announcements for Shepherd’s birth, so I chose the design months in advance for Wilder’s announcement.

We didn’t have any professional newborn pictures taken of Baby Wilder, so I worked with a few photos I took, and this one was my favorite. I think it turned out pretty well (and I can’t believe how tiny he looks in this photo)!

For Wilder’s birth announcement, we once again chose Minted for their cute designs and exceptional service. We’ve used them for Christmas cards (and Valentine’s Day cards) for several years, moving announcements and birthday party invitations, and I’ve always been glad I spent a little more because of their quality. This experience was no different—I love that I could order just a few in postcard form. Since we sent out our Christmas Valentine’s Day cards just a few days later, we chose to send them only to family.

I did save one, and it’s framed and hanging in Wilder’s tiny nursery right now. It makes me happy each time I see it!


Wilder at 2 Months


My sweet pumpkin,

How I love these days with you! You are such a smiley, lovable soul. We call you Smiley Wiley because it seems to be your default expression. I love that you are showing just how transparent you are with your feelings: when you’re happy, you’re delighted. When you’re upset, you’re livid. I never wonder how you’re feeling!

You’re still a little piggy. You snort and grunt and breathe so loudly! No one believes it until they hear it, and then they really believe it. We’ve gotten in to a steady routine for nursing, and you’re eating every couple of hours. At about seven weeks, you began sleeping from 9 or 10 p.m. until 3 or 4 a.m. You’ll then sleep for another couple of hours, wake around 6 a.m., and then sleep until 9 a.m. if I let you. I’m trying to keep you awake in the morning so you’ll take a morning nap. You are not a very consistent (or long) napper—you take catnaps throughout the day.

Your favorite times of the day are first thing in the morning and early evening. You get fussy around 8 or 9 p.m. When you cry, you cry loudly!

I’m posting this a bit late (you’re almost two and a half months), but at your two-month doctor’s appointment today, you weighed 15.4 pounds and were 24 inches long. You’re quite the butterball! I love it. You wear size 0-3 month clothes and size two diapers. You have dark hair—it never lies flat and always ends up in a mohawk—that is really coming in! You have blue eyes, and a weepy little eye that breaks our heart—it is always teary due to a clogged tear duct. Hopefully it will clear up soon, but your doctor told us that it may take a year to clear up. We started giving you a pacifier, and it has been a very good thing for all of us. We never used one with Shepherd, so seeing how instantly calming it is for you has been both interesting and relieving.

You love your brother, sitting up and watching the action, being held, your bathtime, and laying down on your “playgound” and watching the animals in the mobile. You love when you’re talked to, and coo and laugh and smile the entire time. You are truly a delightful baby!

You do not like sleeping in predictable patterns, being put down when the rest of us are elsewhere, and having even a slightly dirty diaper.

I love you so much, John Wilder. I love that I get to be your mama. You fit perfectly in our family, and we are so glad you are ours (and we, yours!). My prayer for you is that you will know deep, lasting joy through faith in Jesus and that you will grow strong and brave, loving others the way He did and making them smile along the way.

Smiley Wiley, WyWy, Don WyWy (because when Shepherd says “John,” it sounds like Don), Chamki (a character from Sesame Street Live), Don Chamki, JW (J-Dub), J.W. Chins. Daddy calls you Junior Junior, and I call you Bear and Little Bear.








 and here is Wilder at One Month

A Spring Trip to Texas

Shepherd, Wilder and I got to spend last week at my parents’ in Tyler. My sister took the week off work and came home, too, so the boys (and I!) got to spend time with her, Birdie, and Poppy. While I was in town, Jillian, mom and I got to cross tasks off of the wedding to-do list, and it was exciting to be able to spend an evening at a tasting event at the lake where Jillian and Hayden will be married.

We drove out to Mrs. Helen Lee’s Daffodil Gardens in Gladewater, Texas, but unfortunately, they were closed because the daffodil fields weren’t blooming when they usually do. Instead, we got some pictures of Shepherd with the daffodils in my parents’ front yard.

Mom, Dad and Jillian hadn’t seen Wilder since Christmas, and he’s grown so much since then. Dad always steals the babies… it’s always made me laugh that such a formidable, intimidating man can melt at the sight of a tiny baby. He was especially over the moon with Wilder.

While we were in town, the whole crew went to Tyler’s Caldwell Zoo, which I hadn’t visited for years. Shepherd loved the giraffes and bears and also riding on Poppy Bean’s shoulders through the wild birds exhibit.

On this trip, Shepherd stopped calling my dad “Bean Beans” and started calling him “Poppy Bean.” The way he says it is so cute—it sounds like “Bop-E Bean.” He has also stopped saying “Boo Boo” as much and is starting to call my mom Birdie (sounds like Baa-ee). We actually arrived in Tyler the night of Shepherd’s second birthday, so Sheppy got to spend his second birthday with both his Nana and his Birdie and Poppy. Pretty cool!

Here are some of my favorite pictures:



IMG_3914 copy






IMG_4039 copy






One evening, my sister offered to take a few photos of the boys and me. My mom and dad’s yard backs up to our neighbors’ woods, which always gets the prettiest evening light. The pictures turned out so beautifully… thank you so much, Jillian!






IMG_4068 copy