Easter 2014


Our family traveled down to Tyler on Good Friday to spend Easter weekend with my parents and sister. I haven’t been “home” for Easter since my sophomore year of college, and I was excited to share so many things I remember doing as a child with Aaron and the boys.

Our weekend was packed! We drove in to Tyler on Friday evening, spent Saturday morning at my childhood church’s Easter Egg hunt, and then enjoyed a relaxing night on the back patio at my mom and dad’s house.




Easter Sunday was a beautiful whirlwind, as it always seems to be. Getting two boys and myself ready for early service on time proved to be difficult—my sister and I drove separately from the rest of our family to church because we were both running behind (oops!). At least I had Shepherd and Wilder as my excuse…

Aside from lilies, Easter Sunday is one of my very favorite days of the year. The resurrection story defines those who believe in it, and I am so thankful to be able to celebrate the risen Savior. We flowered the cross, one of my favorite Trinity traditions, and ended the service with Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus. This Easter was especially impactful in that we celebrated John Wilder’s baptism, too—what a special day to be joined with the resurrection power of Jesus! We were honored that Pastor Art, who confirmed me and officiated our wedding, could baptize Wilder. It was beautiful! As pastor made the sign of the cross and prayed for Wilder and our family, Wilder grinned and started to laugh. Grace is something to be joyful about!

Wilder was baptized in two shawls—one from my dad’s baptism, and one from my great-grandparents used at the baptisms of my mom, her brother and two sisters, as well as several great- and now great-great-grandchildren.






After church, we enjoyed a big brunch and relaxed while Shepherd napped. And by relaxed, I mean Aaron and Jillian sang songs and peeled potatoes while Mom and I stuffed Easter Eggs for the annual egg hunt.

When Sheppy woke up, we hid his eggs and watched him chase them down. Afterward, Jillian, Hayden, Aaron and I went inside while my mom and dad hid eggs for us—the “big kids.” A weird Anderson tradition—Easter hats (or bonnets, I suppose). The rule is that in order to hunt eggs, you have to wear a hat. So, we put on our hats, and we hunted. It was a lot of fun, and, with a grand total of 27 eggs, I won (Jillian, who found 26 eggs, was a formidable opponent. The guys? Not so much).





DK2A8075 copy





We enjoyed a steak dinner and family time afterward, thankful for a wonderful day to remember the promises of Easter. And then, as soon as we got to Texas, we were on the road back home to Nebraska…



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