My Whole30 Experience: Week Two


Week two has come and gone, and I’m back to record my experience. Overall, it was much better than week one, but there were a few noteworthy lows, too. I’m referring to it as my roller coaster week.

This week, I’ve got a firmer grasp on what I can, should, and need to eat to keep myself satiated. I noticed how I need to ramp up the amount of water I drink this week—I’ve been relying on La Croix a lot, unfortunately.

What was hard?

Days 10 and 13 were killer, just as predicted. Overall, I’m just kind of tired of spinach and eggs and salad. I don’t really like cooked vegetables (especially steamed veggies), so it’s tough to keep eating the same raw foods. That, plus being uninspired and really wanting a bun with my hotdog/hamburger; bread with my sandwiches; etc., just made me feel a little down in the dumps. I also noticed some reemerging snack cravings around the end of this week, especially at night. Snacks are my downfall, so I’m going to really work during week three to do everything I can to avoid them (even the Whole30 compliant snacks).

What I miss:

  • Crackers and chips—mainly, crunchy “snacks” that aren’t vegetables
  • Cheese
  • Carbs: real pasta and bread

What was easy?

My energy was noticeably increased this week. I managed to weed our entire yard, paint our stairwell and hallway, and redecorate part of our basement as well as sort/organize and sell at a garage sale this week (and feel really good while doing so). That, on top of daily life with the boys, probably would have made me feel tired just thinking about it. I’m really excited about this development! I’ve also noticed myself pausing to think “am I still hungry?” when eating. I still want sweets, but my sugar cravings have subsided a bit.

What have I learned?

Trying out new recipes has shown me how much I actually enjoy the process of picking good things to eat and preparing them (it’s the cleanup I loathe!). I pinned and then prepared a few really yummy things last week, and I’m excited to try a few new recipes this week—zoodles, anyone?

Interestingly, I’ve noticed we’ve taken out the trash fewer times this week. Because we’ve been buying fresh vegetables in bulk, as well as less processed food, there’s less trash. I am the chief grocery shopper, so we’ve all eaten closer to the program because I haven’t been buying snacks for the boys.

Fast food has become less appealing (unless I’m having a bad day). Eating out for me is basically a no-go, too… Chipotle and a salad from Runza are all I’ve eaten outside of our home. I don’t really like fast food that much; I’m guilty of using it as a crutch for not wanting to make a dinner. Honestly, I’d much rather not eat fast food and instead save that money for a trip to Lincoln to eat out at a place I really enjoy.

I naturally woke up  earlier a few times last week, but I’ve also noticed that I’ve been staying up later. I need to stay closer to the idea of going to bed between 10 and 10:30, because if I don’t, I sleep in later than I want to.


  • Get better about eating breakfast. I hate eating breakfast—I just want a bowl of cereal—so I forgo a meal first thing in the morning and am really hungry by 11:30 a.m. I know, I know… I need to eat something. (I’ll work on it, Dad.)
  • Go to the gym 5x/week this week and next.
  • Try new recipes using the following ingredients: zoodles, cauliflower rice, and salmon. I need to mix it up over the next two weeks to keep myself on track.
  • Wake up by 6 a.m.

I am really happy I’m halfway done. I see how cutting out carbs has benefitted me at this point, and I think post-Whole30, I’ll be able to keep that in mind. I will look forward to having an occasional, delicious pieces of bread again, though!

Overall, I’m feeling positive about this next week! Here’s my first week recap if you’d like to read it: My Whole30 Experience: Week 1 


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