Picking Up Where We Left Off

We are just one week from the beginning of fall, and already we’ve experienced a week’s worth of autumn weather, with rainy, dreary, mid-forty-degree weather. It was a wonderful taste of the coziness the upcoming season brings. Our summer was so eventful that I can’t even begin to start blogging about it; I’m choosing to be OK with that and start with where we are.

Wilder in September

So, here are a few pictures of Wilder at eight months. He’s crawling everywhere—he has a shirt that says little speedster, and it’s accurate! He didn’t have any teeth until two weeks ago when the first popped through. Three days later, the second bump appeared, and it’s been working itself upward for the last week or so. Wilder is our joyful, ebullient child. I call him our family’s token extrovert. He is noisy, he loves everyone, he wears his emotions on his sleeve and, if I’m honest, I love that about him. There’s no gray area about how he’s feeling, and when he looks at me with his giant smile, it warms my heart.

One Sunday after church, I decided to get a few pictures of him in his cute little outfit. Here are a few pictures of our baby bear.

Wilder in September

Wilder in September

Wilder in September

Wilder in September

Wilder in September

This one is a favorite because it is Wilder’s signature relaxing position—leaned back on his side. We call it his model look, and it makes us laugh when he gets tired and plops on his side like this.

Wilder in September

You didn’t think I could post without including a bit about Shepherd, did you? I strive to keep a balance of how many pictures I take of the boys, but at 2.5, it’s just so tough to get Shepherd still and in front of the camera. He’s running, marching, jumping, crawling and otherwise occupied 12 hours of the day. Observing his change since his second birthday has been so, so cool.


Aside from the blow-up tantrums, which have happened on occasion, he’s such a sweet boy. He’s very much in tune with how we’re feeling, what we’re thinking, and how things may be affecting us, often asking if we’re happy, sad, tired, hungry, or thanking us: “Thank you for you’s help, Mama!” is one of my favorite things he says (and he says it all of the time). His vocabulary has exploded, and he loves to read his stories to us, play pretend, and sing. Hearing him memorize full songs and sing them along with us has been such a joy. He loves music and instruments, especially when we play “Cornhusker Marching Band” with him (Aaron takes out his saxophone, and Shepherd grabs his instruments and bosses us all around). He is enjoying football season a lot. It’s becoming obvious how he’s paid attention to all of the things we’ve said to him and the routine we’ve tried to instill in him: if we shorten prayers, sing a song differently, skip a page in a book, or leave out a word or phrase in conversation, he’s quick to point it out and do it correctly. He’s also very fond of telling Wilder to play with his own toys…ha!

That seems like a sufficient update. I’ll be back soon with some thoughts on preparing our home for fall, how our search for a new vehicle is going (and why we need one), and other assorted thoughts.


One thought on “Picking Up Where We Left Off

  1. Such a great update! Both of your children are adorable and precious And I know you are enjoying being a mom to two sweet little boys! I look forward to hearing more about how you are preparing your home for fall. And I am also excited to hear more about your search for a new vehicle. Buying a new car is always so much fun!

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