Happy Halloween!

In early September, Shepherd fell in love with “spooky, scary owls.” His favorite—an owl from the Halloween section at Target—has a rotating head and makes a loud hoot. For some reason, he adored it, and every time we’ve gone back, we’ve had to go see (and hear) the owl. Today, the owl was gone—and Shepherd was crushed… until he saw the inflatable Mickey Mouse Santa two aisles away!

I’ve enjoyed seeing Halloween through Shepherd’s eyes this year. We’ve read through our Halloween books probably a thousand times, with Berenstain Bears “Ghost of the Forest” taking the crown as favorite. We’ve pumpkin patched. We’ve tried out costumes and practiced trick-or-treating. Now, Sheppy is ready for his first official Trick-or-Treat.

To remember this Halloween (Wilder’s first Halloween!), I took a few photos of the boys on our porch. It’s hard to tell with this wiggly crew, but Wilder’s little shirt has a ghost with a flag that says “Boo!” which is perfect for our baby who breaks in to giggles when we play “peekaboo!”. I love these two so much, even if they are next-to-impossible to get smiling in the same picture!








Our Pumpkin House

“Do we have a pumpkin house?” Shepherd asked me as we were putting out pumpkins on our front steps. “We do have a pumpkin house!” he exclaimed, not waiting for my answer as he began counting the pumpkins he saw. I liked his observation, and I thought it would be fun to show you around the pumpkin house—we’ll call it a mini fall home tour. So, welcome to our home! Today I want to show you our front door, living, and dining rooms. Come on in!




I love decorating our home—for any season, really—but I especially love making it cozy in the fall. It’s always a preamble to Christmastime, which is my favorite season. This year, I have tried to keep our home’s fall decorating simple, clean, and cozy. Our home’s first floor is pretty small, and it is quickly overwhelmed. I am not a huge fan of orange, so inside, I have chosen to go with neutrals. As Halloween comes closer, I’ll plan on adding more of our Halloween decorations.






The birch trees on our mantel were cut from my grandparents’ yard on Lake Superior. They had a wonderful forest of birch, and my grandpa cut down and sawed off several pieces for me to take home. The chalkboard art is based on art I saw at Jones Design Company. I couldn’t decide what I wanted on our mantel, and I fell in love with the antlers (even if it does look a little bit like something from True Detective!).



Our living room is where we spend most of our time. Our dining and living rooms are really one big room, so we’re constantly using both areas. The room is long and narrow, but it gets great afternoon and evening light. When we moved in, this room was four different colors: tan, navy, green, and orange. The owner is an artist, so it fit her needs, but I wanted (and needed) a calmer palette, so we went with one color throughout the whole upstairs.

Of course, it’s not fall without a big, comfy pile of blankets. Ours are from Target, West Elm, and Lands’ End. There’s nothing better than ending a chilly fall day cozying up with my guys (and a cup of coffee, which, as you can tell, I had to add to enhance the “cozy” factor of this post!). My calendar is one of my favorite yearly gifts. My mom gifted me the Happy Halloween and Welcome Goblins blocks—they make me smile! The white pumpkins in the cloche are my favorite… I think I could have only white and green pumpkins and be happy.










Thank you for stopping by! Later this week, I’ll be sharing more of the dining room and our kitchen.