Happy Halloween!

In early September, Shepherd fell in love with “spooky, scary owls.” His favorite—an owl from the Halloween section at Target—has a rotating head and makes a loud hoot. For some reason, he adored it, and every time we’ve gone back, we’ve had to go see (and hear) the owl. Today, the owl was gone—and Shepherd was crushed… until he saw the inflatable Mickey Mouse Santa two aisles away!

I’ve enjoyed seeing Halloween through Shepherd’s eyes this year. We’ve read through our Halloween books probably a thousand times, with Berenstain Bears “Ghost of the Forest” taking the crown as favorite. We’ve pumpkin patched. We’ve tried out costumes and practiced trick-or-treating. Now, Sheppy is ready for his first official Trick-or-Treat.

To remember this Halloween (Wilder’s first Halloween!), I took a few photos of the boys on our porch. It’s hard to tell with this wiggly crew, but Wilder’s little shirt has a ghost with a flag that says “Boo!” which is perfect for our baby who breaks in to giggles when we play “peekaboo!”. I love these two so much, even if they are next-to-impossible to get smiling in the same picture!








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