Early December Thoughts

Sometimes it’s just nice to pop in here and journal a bit without needing to focus on just one theme. So, here’s a list.

  • Wilder has finally reemerged after a week and a half of misery—for him and us. Over Thanksgiving, he just started screaming for what seemed like no reason. He’d scream when he was put down, when he was held, when he was supposed to be sleeping, when he would otherwise be fine. The only time he didn’t scream? When I was holding him standing up. It was exhausting. This lasted for a few days at my in-laws’ house, and when we got home Sunday night, we confirmed that he had a fever. It went up and down, he had one morning of febrile seizures, and I was almost on my way to the doctor (but he finally fell asleep). His fever never topped 101.5 again, and today is the first day he’s not had a fever. I am tired, but I’m glad my little guy is feeling a little better. And that we don’t have to pay for a doctor’s visit.
  • Because of the last week, I’ve been really scattered. I haven’t been able to work as much as I want/need to; our bags are still packed; my Christmas decorations aren’t up (though some of them are scattered across the basement); meals haven’t been planned… I just need a good 24 hours alone, and I think I could get caught up. That won’t happen this weekend, though—Christmas at Concordia festivities mean Aaron will be busy most of the weekend. Just pray that I don’t lose my patience with the boys.
  • I waited too long to plan Wilder’s first birthday party, and I’m feeling pretty down about it. The whole story is longer than that, but I’ve learned my lesson that December babies need mamas who plan at least a month out.
  • Adding just a little bit of greenery around the house makes me feel festive. I don’t know that I really need much more ornamentation… garland, branches, and the glow of lights are beauty enough for me.
  • Shepherd’s having a hard time understanding why we can’t open the houses in our advent village at once. He also thinks there are treats inside of each building. I hope this teaching about gifts—and the best gift—will sink it. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.
  • We got a minivan last month. It’s a Honda Odyssey (Shepherd calls it the Hondyssey). I really, really, really love it. Traveling is so much easier. Grocery shopping, carting around the stroller, not having to open doors with babies in my arms… it’s a game changer for all of those things. I’m so thankful that Aaron let us take the step to get it.

I’m not writing this to be whiney, although it seems a bit like that as I go back and read it. There’s a lot on my mind lately, but unfortunately it’s not stuff I feel like putting out here for the world to see. It does feel good to come back to this space just to think, though. I’ve forgotten how cathartic it can be. Have a great weekend, everyone!