Shepherd and Wilder in April 2015

I wanted to post a few pictures of the boys to remember what they were like in April of 2015. These were taken in Tyler when we were visiting my parents. Shepherd was 3 years, 2 months; Wilder is days shy of 16 months when these were taken.

Since turning three, Shepherd has turned very opinionated, vocal, and needier than usual. He had been a quiet, submissive toddler; as an older preschooler, he’s very much coming into his own as far as assertiveness goes. He’s still as sweet as he can be, but he has moments (days, sometimes) when the “threenager” is out in full force. He’s never been grumpy after naps, but lately, if he wakes up (or is woken up) before he’s ready, he is a terror. He’s learning so much and his quips keep us on our toes and laughing simultaneously.

IMG_0013 IMG_0020 IMG_0032
Poor Wilder got three molars in April—when he’s in pain, it’s very obvious. For Easter weekend and then the next week, he was all out of sorts. Poor guy! Wilder is our emotional baby boy—there’s never any doubt about how Wy is feeling. When he’s happy, he is very happy; when he is mad or sad, he is epically upset. He says a few words (mama, dada, kitty, grandma, icky, and some word that he uses to identify Shepherd), but he mostly grunts and points (or shrieks or yells) when he wants us to understand what he’s saying.

He’s a little toddler, and definitely growing out of some of his babyness. This makes me simultaneously happy because his infancy was tough for us, and sad because I know we’ll never have that time back. I am cherishing the times when I am the only one who can comfort him, because I’m not sure how long he’ll cry “Mama” and want me to hold him.  Some days it’s difficult, but the years are short… and his mischievous little smile melts my heart instantly.

IMG_0120I’m so thankful for these little boys. Their antics keep us busy, and we’re enjoying seeing them grow more and more every day.


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