Mother’s Day Interview 2015

I love the cute, and often hilarious, questionnaires young children fill out about their mothers. Because the boys are home with me, they don’t yet get to do these little surveys. This year, since Shepherd’s old enough to answer with semi-normal responses, I sent Aaron a link to one I found online so he could ask Shepherd the questions and write them down for me.

Instead, I got something even better. Continue reading


Wilder’s Woodland First Birthday Party


Considering Wilder turned one in December, it’s high time I post some favorite pictures from his woodland onederland birthday party. (Before he’s turns two, you know!) Wilder’s birthday really snuck up on me—at Thanksgiving, I sat down and realized I needed to get my plans together…well…weeks ago! I thought it would be fitting to do a woodland wonderland theme, since he is our little bear, but I wanted to add some modern touches to the woodsy element to make it a bit brighter. Continue reading