Mother’s Day Interview 2015

I love the cute, and often hilarious, questionnaires young children fill out about their mothers. Because the boys are home with me, they don’t yet get to do these little surveys. This year, since Shepherd’s old enough to answer with semi-normal responses, I sent Aaron a link to one I found online so he could ask Shepherd the questions and write them down for me.

Instead, I got something even better.


What is your mommy’s name?

What is your mommy’s favorite color?

What do you think Mommy’s favorite food is?

What kind of pizza?
Blue Pizza?!

What do you love about Mommy?
Her hair

Why do you think mommy and Daddy got married?
I don’t know
Well, why do you think?
Because the wind blew and blew!
(This is a line from one of Shepherd’s favorite books.)

What character in Mickey Mouse is Mommy?
What character is Daddy?
What character is Wy Wy?
Donald Duck
What character are you?

What do you think Mommy’s favorite thing to do is?
Play what?
Play with puzzles

What do you think your mom likes to do with Wy Wy?
Um, maybe, make things bad with him? (Ha!)

What does Mommy drive?
A car. A minivan.
What’s the name of the minivan?

What does Mommy like to sing?
(Not sure what song this is, but I like it.)

Who does mommy like to talk to?
Uh, Me.

Do you think Mommy’s pretty?

What do think makes Mommy happy?
When I ROAR.

What do you think makes Mommy said?
When I make her ask me mad questions.

Finish this sentence: “I like it when Mommy does…”
“The nice things.”

What’s your favorite picture of Mommy?
The TV
My guess is the AppleTV was scrolling through family pictures, so he picked the first thing he saw. 

If you could do one thing for Mommy, what would you do for her?
Send a picture to her! With This. Smile!

“Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!”


I was so thankful we could spend Mother’s Day afternoon with my own mom, as my parents were visiting Nebraska for my cousin’s graduation. You are a such a blessing to me, and I love you, Momma!



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