Weird, But Good.

Road to the Rockies

Yesterday, I turned 27. I guess I’m feeling reflective, thinking about how I’d categorize my interpretation of our season of life right now. I kept coming up with “weird, but good.”  Continue reading


Our Coast

Exploration. Isolation. Beauty.

These three words summed up our trip to Oregon and Washington last week. For eight days, we enjoyed time in Portland, Seattle, and the Washington and Oregon coasts. When we were on the coast, we felt much like the explorers must have—alone except for each other and the lovely, harsh, ever-changing landscape.

I’ll share more about where we went, what we did, and what we want to remember in another post, but I thought I’d tease it a little bit with this video Aaron made. He shot it on his iPhone, and it perfectly sums up the isolation and beauty we experienced.

Check it out here:

Our Coast from Aaron Nix on Vimeo.