Weird, But Good.

Road to the Rockies

Yesterday, I turned 27. I guess I’m feeling reflective, thinking about how I’d categorize my interpretation of our season of life right now. I kept coming up with “weird, but good.” 

For the first time in four years (and one month), I’m not pregnant. I’m not nursing a baby. We aren’t moving. We aren’t looking to move—not far at least. There aren’t any major changes for our nuclear family on the horizon—that we can see, at least—and it just feels strange to be in a place of calm. It feels weird. 

When I look back at our five point five years of marriage, it’s been a lot of motion. Wedding, grad school, pregnancy, moving to Nebraska, pregnancy, moving again… I guess I’ve become acclimated to the whirring. Now that it’s calmed down a bit, I keep thinking I need to see what’s around the corner. But I know that’s not where I need to be. Instead, I’m trying to enjoy this lull. Know that it’s OK—that we’re not in any rush to get to the “next thing” (whatever that next thing is)—and that we can use this as a season to build.

Build our family (rather, strengthen our family). Build our dreams and plans for the future. Build relationships. Build our savings account (ha!). The more I think about it, the better it sounds. It’s good.

As always, we’re not in control of what may happen, but it’s nice to at least write this down and reflect on it, thankful of a certainty we can see.

As for the rest, we’ll just continue on the adventure! Here’s to 27. 


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