Halloween 2015


Happy Halloween from the dark side!

Shepherd’s been talking about being a Storm Trooper for Halloween since this summer, and he requested that his brother be Darth Vader… so we went with it! We went trick-or-treating through our neighborhood with some friends; the boys got a jackpot (or, as Shepherd called it, a “milk pot”) of candy, but Lord Vader was escorted home with his daddy, as his true nature was revealed when his candy bucket was taken away from him.

ShepAidenDarthWy DarthWy2

Boys2StormTrooper TrickOrTreat2015

We had so much fun today. I love Halloween, and I’ve enjoyed celebrating this year with Shepherd. He’s been so enthusiastic about everything: particularly scarecrows (Thanks, No-Noggin), “spooky things” (including the Target motion-detector owls, which he’s been obsessed with for two years in a row), and carving pumpkins.

We’ve watched Curious George “A Halloween Boo Fest” too many times, pilfered through the boys’ candy, and had the obligatory Hocus Pocus viewing with my cousin this afternoon while the boys napped. Now that we’ve got candy to last through 2017, I’m excited to clean house tomorrow, put away all of our Halloween decorations, and prepare for the upcoming holidays. First, I’m excited to get an extra hour of sleep tonight!


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