Christmas Wishes 2015

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My Poor Little Blog


If something’s gotta go, it might as well be the blog, right?

That seems to be the case for me these last few months (ahem, years). But I really love this neglected little memory capsule, even if it’s just for odd posts like this one. Let’s try this:

Here’s what I hope to write about before 2016:

  • How we bought our house (which we did in October).
  • Our latest family pictures. I love ’em. Might as well post ’em.
  • A Thanksgiving/Fall recap. Do I even have pictures of this? I don’t know.
  • A few things about Wilder on his second birthday. (Oh, that’s tomorrow? Oops. Sorry, Wy Man! I hope one day you read this and know that I didn’t do this earlier because you are being a stinker lately and I’ve been working a lot. Maybe the two are related…)
  • A Christmas tour of our house. This isn’t really a tour as much as me fulfilling my creative side by trying to take photos I like. I love looking back at how our house looked and how my style has changed throughout the years.
  • Goals for 2016. Let’s get through next week first.

Six posts in 13 days. Can I do it? We’ll see!