Our Christmas Home 2015


Merry Christmas! Put on some Bing Crosby, grab a cup of coffee, and welcome to our Christmas home. 

This year, I wanted to use reds and greens with a dose of gray and white. Our home is a hodgepodge of styles I love—I wanted to create a merry, bright, and cozy home—parts Nordic, traditional, woodsy, and with some vintage elements thrown in, too. More importantly, I want our home to have a purpose for all that’s in it. I tried to do that this year with some things you’ll read about below.


Here’s our dining nook. My sister freehanded the chalk board, and it’s one of my favorite parts of our decorations this year. The birch logs on the fireplace are from my grandparents’ home on Lake Superior—my grandpa cut them down a few summers ago when we were visiting. They are especially meaningful to me, as he is no longer here to celebrate with us.


I love our Christmas tree. It’s a little more themed than usual—I chose to use mostly red and white ornaments and mix in some of mine and Aaron’s childhood ornaments as well as ornaments that were gifts for the boys and that we’ve collected from vacations. My little helper loves the Mickey Mouse ears ornaments he and his brother got as a souvenir from our Disney trip this summer.


Celebrating the Advent season is important for our family. We’ve used a makeshift wreath and candles along with our Advent calendar to count down the weeks and prepare our hearts—we’ve used the readings from the Jesus Storybook Bible (found here) to learn more every night.

This year, we also introduced The Giving Manger to the boys. For every act of service and love, we put a piece of straw in Baby Jesus’ manger. It’s an incredible reminder, and Shepherd especially has absolutely loved it. I can’t wait to use it every year as we remember to focus on others.


The train around our tree also belonged to my grandpa. This year is the first year I’ve pulled it out, and the boys have loved this fun addition! I just need to get better about building the tracks.


Thanks for “stopping by!” Wishing you the peace and joy Jesus brings this Christmas and a happy new year!


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