Midway Through January


We’re halfway through January, and I can’t believe it. In an attempt to stay true to my resolution, here’s a little hodgepodge of what’s been going on with us.

On the down side, this week has been a throwaway week for me in a lot of respects—I have a cold (or the flu) that I can’t kick. I think I’ve been asleep before 8 p.m. for the last three nights. I’m thankful for TheraFlu and garlic. My mom told me to eat whole, raw garlic clove to see if it worked, and so last night, I did it. Now, last night was also the peak of feeling sick, so a raw garlic clove didn’t phase me as much as it might have any other time. I was really willing to try anything to be able to hear and open my eyes again. I cut it in half and ate it. Yes, it was strong, so I chased it with a half-cup of water. This morning (after almost 11 hours of sleep) I woke up feeling a ton better—about 65%, I’d say. Compared to the 20% I was at last night, that is HUGE! I give the garlic some of that credit. Try it next time you’ve got a cold.

I started feeling bad on Sunday afternoon, and so I watched “Making a Murderer” in bed while the boys napped. I just can’t get into the show. Flowers from Aaron for our anniversary—since we left for our Christmas vacation during our actual anniversary, he got me flowers this week, so I could actually enjoy them.

This is my second week of spin classes. A new studio opened up in town, and I’ve been waking up and heading over there for 5 a.m. classes. I love the class (only wish the music selection was a bit better) and being ready for the day by 7 a.m. with a workout done. I’m actually pretty proud of myself for waking up at 4:30 a.m. a couple of times a week—that’s kiiiiind of a miracle for me. Now, if I could only get to the gym that early when I don’t have class!


Oscar nominations came out this week, which means Oscar season is here. This is always fun for Aaron and me. I love hearing his picks (he’s usually right-on-the-money), so maybe I’ll post his winners here and we can see how close he gets.

I painted our front door last week. That probably seems silly (and definitely not noteworthy), but if you knew how long I’ve hated that door, you would understand! It’s silly how excited I get when I look at it and realize it’s no longer sticking out like a navy blue sore thumb in our living room. It makes me so happy! It’s also the “If you give a mouse a cookie” thing—now I want to repaint all of the trim.

I also bought a handful of small bins to sort out the boys’ toys. Having all the small, like pieces together has made me so much happier (plus, it’s a lot easier for the boys to put the toys away correctly).

In February, Shepherd will start playing soccer. I’m laughing thinking about it—he loves to run, but I’m not sure how he’ll do with the coordination part. It should be a blast for him! Wilder will be so frustrated that he can’t get out there and play, too.

Speaking of Wy Man, we took the side rail off his crib last weekend. He’s been napping and sleeping in a “daybed”—just to test it out—and so far, he’s done OK… which is actually way better than I’ve expected! We’ve had one fall out of bed, a couple nightmares, and several naps that I’ve heard a train whistle/accordion/other miscellaneous instruments being played.


Yesterday was the worst day thus far: Neither boy managed to nap—until 4:45. Combined with my relative inability to speak, think, or hear, it was rough. Thankfully, Aaron handled dinner and bedtime while I lay on the couch. Love that guy.

Shepherd and his dragon. He’s drawing recognizable figures… that’s a huge deal!
And Wy snoozing. Also pretty adorable.

Here’s a look into what our life looks like at about 7:15 every night—the boys “settle down” for movie time. Last night, Aaron air played videos from when the boys were both infants which enthralled Wilder (on the left). Usually, they watch a few minutes of a regular movie—right now they’re working through Return of the Jedi (as seen on the right). I don’t know why Shepherd is licking his hand, but this is a pretty typical shot of all of them together (including Livy).

I’m praying this weekend is a restful one at our house. Hope the same is true for you, too!


2 thoughts on “Midway Through January

  1. Boxes to organize the kids toys was a godsend for our sanity with our two boys.

    I like your writing here. It flows well and the pictures do a lot to supplement what you’re talking about. I assume you’ve made a resolution to write or blog more?

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