Under The Weather (But At Least The Weather’s Nice)

Part 1: The Ugly

We’re in a week-long battle vs. illness at the Nix household. It’s been pretty all-consuming—Aaron and both boys have felt crummy all week. Shepherd days of preschool. Wilder has a stomach bug, a fever, and pink eye, and the poor guy hasn’t had much other than electrolyte replacement to eat and drink all week. Aaron’s feeling crummy, too. And I’m just tired.

It’s funny how when things aren’t clicking as usual you really notice them. Work this week has been tough because I have a little guy—or two—who just want my undivided attention. No babysitter all week stretched me very thin. I missed spin class this morning because I was just too tired to drag myself out of bed when that alarm went off at 4:40, and then I missed my MOPS ladies because I couldn’t take my febrile little guy.

After a March that went pretty much opposite of plans—I threw my back out twice and Wilder ended up in the emergency room on Good Friday—I am hoping we’ll quickly pass through this bout of illness and the rest of April goes well. Until then, cheers to Pedialyte, 7Up, and Paw Patrol on demand.

Part 2: The Bad

The state of my house at the moment is a little out of control (aside from my new white kitchen, which, uh, I’m in love with). While the boys continue on their fourth night of installments of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I am going to try to play catch-up on laundry and tidy things up.

Part 3: The Good

Planning our trip to Europe this summer.
Getting a passport renewed (Aaron) and for the first time (me).
Spending lots of time together (even if it’s just lying on the couches watching TV together).
The sunshine, green grass, and flowering trees—spring’s bursting into bloom here.
Practice with the film camera.
So many extra cuddles from my little bear.
The kitchen update.
Getting to talk to my sister for longer than three minutes (or a video on Snapchat).
Friendships blossoming.
Watching Shepherd’s new preschool go up beam-by-beam down the street. (He’s so excited!)
It’s still Easter and we’re still celebrating.


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