Preschool Reflections


Today was Shepherd’s last day of preschool. He—and all of us—have had such a lovely, rich experience in his first year, and I count Shepherd’s school as one of our biggest blessings here.

My sensitive, quiet boy has thrived in preschool—he’s grown not only cognitively, but by leaps and bounds socially. While I would never want to change the person he is, him being in a structured, loving, Christ-centered school setting has opened him up and given him a fantastic opportunity to learn how to cooperate, stand his ground, be less self-centered, and move outside his comfort zone and realizing he’s having fun! I’m so thankful for these seedlings that have been planted and that will shape the boy (and man) he becomes.

When he started preschool, a bit of me felt sad—I was handing off my first baby to someone else (even if only a few hours a day, a couple days a week)—and today, I felt a similar feeling, but for a different reason. We’ve really grown to love and appreciate his teachers and the dedicated staff, and we’re going to miss them a ton this summer!

By the time we walked from his classroom across the parking lot to our car, he was already asking about when he gets to move to the 4s and 5s classroom and if he will get to see his classmates again.

(Can I just say that when I looked at the comparison of his first and last days of school, I couldn’t believe the difference?!)

His teachers taught him so much: from tangible skills like learning to recognize numbers and letters, writing his name, and creating and identify patterns, as well as social and motor skills. They are fantastic (and oh-so-patient!). Thank you, Mrs. Renee and Mrs. Cindy!


In August, Shepherd will begin his prekindergarten year—five mornings a week—in the beautiful new building just a few blocks from our house. Until then, I’m going to be intentional about celebrating the summer months with him at home:

  • Focusing on reading.
  • Playing, playing, playing!
  • Lots of swimming.
  • Practicing writing his alphabet (those S-letters are still really tricky!).
  • Slowing down and savoring this age and really loving his little personality.

Happy Summer!


One thought on “Preschool Reflections

  1. Wow, these pictures are such wonderful reminders of how fast children grow up. Thank you for sharing your parenting journey. Good luck with pre-k!

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