January 2017 – Week One

The first week of January, 2017.


A ride through the neighborhood in the snow. They got a Power Wheels from Santa, and this was the first time to drive through our neighborhood. (They did put some miles on it at their grandparents’ houses, though.)


Bath time. “Can we see our crazy hair?”

januaryweek1-3 januaryweek1-4 januaryweek1-5 januaryweek1-6 januaryweek1-7 januaryweek1-8

Watching Mary Poppins on a snowy Friday afternoon. I don’t know that it’s one of their favorites, but it is one of mine.


Taking down the Christmas tree after Epiphany. We took down all of our Christmas decorations, and now the house feels a little emptier and a little quieter. This year, taking it down felt both a little sad and a little bit relieving.

januaryweek1-11 januaryweek1-14 januaryweek1-15 januaryweek1-18

A cute three-year-old. I love his bold personality and his funny comments. He’s enjoyed his first few days of preschool so much.


I missed the first couple of days of the new year due to a stomach virus. We returned home from Texas on January 1 and tried to unpack and organize quickly. Preschool didn’t start until Thursday of this week. Both boys now attend—I have 2 and a half hours every morning to work. It’s nice!

We spent a few evenings post-boys’-bedtime this week re-working our budget several ways. We’re also trying to consistently plan meals again. I stopped planning meals several months ago, and every evening felt like a disaster–I didn’t want to cook anything, we didn’t have what we needed, it was stressful, etc. With a plan, even if I’m not hungry for the meal that’s scheduled, at least we have something there. This has been recurring in our family life post-children—it’s a pain to get started, but things are much smoother once we’ve done it.

Aaron will start teaching again this week. MOPS, high school girls Bible study, and Awanas will also start back up. I enjoyed this “slow” week, though.


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