January 2017 – Week Two


My mom and dad got the boys Chase and Rocky blankets for Christmas. They wear them around the house as often as we let them—in the mornings, especially, these hood-clad little boys make me smile. Sometimes they wake up pretty early and ask to watch a show and eat cereal, so as long as we have enough time to get ready, I let them.

I made it to spin class one out of three days this week. Not ideal, but it’s better than nothing. My shoulder and arm hurt much less this week. I hope this trend continues.


Almost-full moon view from my kitchen sink. Those power lines are so annoying.


This is how Wilder greets Aaron at lunch every day… “It’s Daddy! Yet’s BLAST him!” Poor Aaron.


After years of refusing to draw or do any sort of “art” activity, Shepherd has spent the last couple months “making crafts” as much as he can. When he comes home, he works, and at school he apparently does the same thing—both the top image of orange penguins and the bottom image of our blue family (times five) came home from preschool with him. The drawing is a more recent addition; for the most part, he’s been interested only in cutting, pasting, and taping different materials together. He’s made some pretty interesting things! I guess mixed media is his jam.


Saturday mornings are the best: Transformers Rescue Bots, Super Why, and snuggles with Daddy. (Even when you have a little bit of an attitude.)


Yesterday I sat on our front steps, closed my eyes, and felt the warmth of the sunshine on my face for the first time in what feels like forever. The snow melted from the roof, so Aaron took down our Christmas lights, Shepherd rode his bike, and I cleaned up the yard a bit. The sunshine made me feel so happy.


This morning’s sermon focused on the unity of the Church. It was one of the best messages I’ve heard in a long time. So much feels splintered in our world, and it was an appropriately timely reminder that Christ brings the saints together to love him and serve his people (no matter what church you attend).


Have I talked much about the Huskers here? Probably not as much as I talk (or retweet) about them on Twitter. It was a wild week in Huskerland. Yes, I’m feeling very optimistic, and yes, we will definitely be at the Spring Game this year.


We’re expecting an ice storm tonight and tomorrow! I’m fairly excited about it. Aaron has the day off tomorrow, so I may try to work mostly in the evening so I can spend the day with the boys. So far it’s rained quite a bit and temperatures have been dropping; looks like we’ll have a coat of ice sooner rather than later.


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